A Rare Day in Hilo!

Anyone who lives in Hilo knows that the town gets a “bum-rap” for its wet weather (ok, there are some exceptions!) While nice weather does abound on Hawaii’s eastern front, today’s sky is a rare sight indeed. Early this afternoon not a single cloud could be spotted in Hilo’s sky, as illustrated by this “fisheye” […]

Data Reduction Forum Contest Winners!

Congratulations to the winners from early contributions to the User Data Reduction Forum! The Users’ Committee for Gemini (UCG) evaluated the submissions and recommend that David Rupke be recognized for his large effort, and Andrew Stephens for his smaller submission. The contributions are IDL-based routines to work with data from integral field spectrographs, including NIFS […]

Gemini Helps Honor Top Hawai‘i Science and Math Teachers

Gemini’s Public Information and Outreach Manager Peter Michaud presented the keynote address on Saturday at a luncheon honoring Hawai‘i teachers currently nominated for the Presidential Awards for Excellence in Mathematics and Science Teaching (PAEMST). About 60 dignitaries, past awardees, and Hawai‘i Department of Education leaders, joined in the celebration. Peter’s presentation, focusing on how local […]

Gemini Catches a Serendipitous Event Around Jupiter

Summit observers Jen Miller and Joy Chavez first noticed something unusual about the start of the night’s observations at Gemini North on December 16th, 2014, with this excerpt from the night log, “…the target looks like a crescent, like Venus or the moon. …reslew. …Same thing, different direction to the crescent.” Gemini staff observer Sunny […]

Gemini Morning Twilight

Please enjoy and share this image of Gemini North obtained during the current COLOSSOS Large and Long program run. This image, taken by Gemini’s Joy Pollard shows the early twilight sky, with the crescent moon at right. Quiz: Can you identify the natural glow arching upward between Gemini North and the Moon in this image? […]