Gemini South Intern Focuses on the Age of a Massive Star Cluster

Benjamin Courtney-Barrer, a Gemini South intern from the Australian National University, is immersed in Flamingos-2 data on a Milky Way massive star cluster. His goal: to determine the cluster’s age and ultimately its origin. Benjamin’s mentor, assistant astronomer Morten Andersen explains that these data are being combined with photometry from deep near-infrared imaging for the individual […]

Gemini South Intern Probes a Nearby Galactic Halo

Although it is the closest giant elliptical galaxy to Earth, at a distance of about 10 million light years, scientists know very little about Maffei 1 as opposed to the photogenic Centaurus A, the second closest elliptical galaxy to us. Maffei 1, located in the same line of sight as the galactic disc of the […]

AURA Staff Training on Vacuum Technology

The coating of a state-of-the art primary mirror is a complex process that requires specialists from several areas, with sufficient training and knowledge. This was demonstrated in October 2015 when the Gemini primary mirror (M1) was successfully recoated by a combined team of specialists from Gemini, the Cerro Tololo Inter-american Observatory (CTIO) and the Southern Astrophysical […]

Back on the Sky at Gemini South

The Gemini South telescope is back on the sky, after 18 days of hard work during the recent scheduled maintenance shutdown. During the shutdown, from October 13-30, the 8.1 meter primary mirror received a fresh multi-layer protected silvered coating – a key task for the shutdown. The Gemini primary mirrors (north and south) are unique among […]

Astrónomos No Terminan de Sorprender a Estudiantes de La Serena

      For english press here. Una semana de entretención, aprendizaje e incluso de humor destacó la 5ta versión del programa anual de Gemini Viaje al Universo el cual se “repartió” en las aulas locales. “Fue un año excepcional”, dijo la jefa del programa Ma. Antonieta García. “Es obvio que explorar y aprender con […]