Are the Stars out Tonight at Gemini South?

Stunning images of the southern night sky are now available, thanks to a set of cloud cameras recently installed at the Gemini South telescope as part of the Base Facility Operations (BFO) project. These cameras are part of the Cloud Sensing System implemented to remotely assess the nightly cloud cover conditions while observing. The system is designed […]

Safety First, Always!

Safety First, Always! To ensure that nightly observations at the Gemini telescopes in Hawai’i and Chile run smoothly our day crews perform an extraordinary range of jobs. Sometimes that work involves potentially dangerous situations. This is why Gemini staff regularly attend mandatory safety training classes to provide the best practices and procedures. Following the success of similar […]

Progress on Base Facility Operations at Gemini South

Base Facility Operations Status Gemini South is integrating a new Base Facility Operations (BFO) system to allow nightly operations from the base facilities in La Serena. The goal of the BFO project is to provide the infrastructure to safely perform telescope operations from the base facilities (Gemini North is already operating routinely in this mode), […]

Users Play an Active Role in Instrument Upgrade

The Near-Infrared wide field imager and multi-object spectrometer FLAMINGOS-2 (F-2) will be upgraded with two medium-band filters that will split the 1.9-2.5 micron spectral range for sensitive imaging surveys of very red objects. The improvement is a result of an invitation to the Gemini’s partner community for small instrument upgrade projects. This initiative aims to establish annual proposal […]

Gemini Aims ‘The Cannon’ at Faster Spectral Analysis!

“The Cannon” Spectral Modeling Recently, Gemini South hosted a mini-workshop about a new data-driven method for spectral modeling named “The Cannon.” Anna Ho from Caltech led the session with coordination by Gemini Assistant Scientist, Blair Conn and Richard Lane, from Pontificia Universidad Católica (PUC). The Cannon is fast, requires no physical models, and achieves comparable […]