The 12 Days of Solstice – Day 9: GMOS Ornaments

Welcome to Gemini’s 12 Days of Solstice! This is a joyous countdown to the longest, or shortest (depending on which hemisphere you live in) day of the year! Visit our blog each day from December 11 – December 22 for Gemini-themed crafts, cartoons, playlists, videos and much, much more.

Earlier this year, GMOS-N  (Gemini North’s optical imager, long-slit spectrograph,  and multi-object spectrograph) was upgraded. More red sensitive Hamamatsu CCDs were successfully installed  and commissioned in the instrument. Today we present GMOS ornaments cutout from the first GMOS-N promotional image, post upgrade.  This multiband image of a galaxy cluster was assembled by Science Operations Specialist Jen Miller, and the observations were designed by the GMOS-N  instrument team. You can download the ornament file from here. All you need to do is print out the pdf, cut out the stars and run string or a hook through the top where the circle guide is. Enjoy!


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