Cosmological Results from the RAISIN Survey: Using Type Ia Supernovae in the Near Infrared as a Novel Path to Measure the Dark Energy Equation of State

JournalThe Astrophysical Journal
AuthorJones, D. O., Mandel, K. S., Kirshner, R. P., Thorp, S., Challis, P. M., Avelino, A., Brout, D., Burns, C., Foley, R. J., Pan, Y. -C., Scolnic, D. M., Siebert, M. R., Chornock, R., Freedman, W. L., Friedman, A., Frieman, J., Galbany, L., Hsiao, E., Kelsey, L., Marion, G. H., Nichol, R. C., Nugent, P. E., Phillips, M. M., Rest, A., Riess, A. G., Sako, M., Smith, M., Wiseman, P., Wood-Vasey, W. M.
First author participant affiliationUSA
Any author participant affiliationsUSA/Chile/UK
Program IDGN-2013B-Q-55, GN-2013A-Q-35, GS-2013A-Q-25, GS-2013B-Q-45

Gemini Observatory Participants