First discoveries and localizations of Fast Radio Bursts with MeerTRAP: real-time, commensal MeerKAT survey

JournalMonthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society
AuthorRajwade, K. M., Bezuidenhout, M. C., Caleb, M., Driessen, L. N., Jankowski, F., Malenta, M., Morello, V., Sanidas, S., Stappers, B. W., Surnis, M. P., Barr, E. D., Chen, W., Kramer, M., Wu, J., Buchner, S., Serylak, M., Combes, F., Fong, W., Gupta, N., Jagannathan, P., Kilpatrick, C. D., Krogager, J. -K., Noterdaeme, P., Núnẽz, C., Prochaska, J. Xavier, Srianand, R., Tejos, N.
First author participant affiliationUK
Any author participant affiliationsChile/USA/UK/Canada
Program IDGS-2021A-Q-134

Gemini Observatory Participants