The Complete Light-curve Sample of Spectroscopically Confirmed SNe Ia from Pan-STARRS1 and Cosmological Constraints from the Combined Pantheon Sample

JournalThe Astrophysical Journal
AuthorScolnic, D. M., Jones, D. O., Rest, A., Pan, Y. C., Chornock, R., Foley, R. J., Huber, M. E., Kessler, R., Narayan, G., Riess, A. G., Rodney, S., Berger, E., Brout, D. J., Challis, P. J., Drout, M., Finkbeiner, D., Lunnan, R., Kirshner, R. P., Sanders, N. E., Schlafly, E., Smartt, S., Stubbs, C. W., Tonry, J., Wood-Vasey, W. M., Foley, M., Hand, J., Johnson, E., Burgett, W. S., Chambers, K. C., Draper, P. W., Hodapp, K. W., Kaiser, N., Kudritzki, R. P., Magnier, E. A., Metcalfe, N., Bresolin, F., Gall, E., Kotak, R., McCrum, M., Smith, K. W.
First author participant affiliationUSA
Any author participant affiliationsUSA/UK/University of Hawaiʻi
Program IDGN-2009B-Q-41, GS-2009B-Q-30, GN-2010A-Q-30, GS-2010A-Q-19, GN-2010B-Q-5, GS-2010B-Q-4, GN-2011A-Q-33, GS-2011A-Q-29, GN-2011B-Q-3, GS-2011B-Q-3

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