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Measurements of the z ∼ 6 Intergalactic Medium Optical Depth and Transmission Spikes Using a New z > 6.3 Quasar Sample Yang, Jinyi; Wang, Feige; Fan, Xiaohui; Hennawi, Joseph F.; Davies, Frederick B.; Yue, Minghao; Eilers, Anna-Christina; Farina, Emanuele P.; Wu, Xue-Bing; Bian, Fuyan; Pacucci, Fabio; Lee, Khee-Gan2020-11The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-N/GMOS-SFT/US
Spectral variability of a sample of extreme variability quasars and implications for the Mg II broad-line regionYang, Qian; Shen, Yue; Chen, Yu-Ching; Liu, Xin; Annis, James; Avila, Santiago; Bertin, Emmanuel; Brooks, David; Buckley-Geer, Elizabeth; Carnero Rosell, Aurelio; Carrasco Kind, Matias; Carretero, Jorge; da Costa, Luiz; Desai, Shantanu; Thomas Diehl, H.; Doel, Peter; Frieman, Josh; Garcia-Bellido, Juan; Gaztanaga, Enrique; Gerdes, David Gruen, Daniel; Gruendl, Robert; Gschwend, Julia; Gutierrez, Gaston; Hollowood, Devon L.; Honscheid, Klaus; Hoyle, Ben; James, David; Krause, Elisabeth; Kuehn, Kyler; Lidman, Christopher; Lima, Marcos; Maia, Marcio; Marshall, Jennifer; Martini, Paul; Menanteau, Felipe; Miquel, Ramon; Plazas Malagón, Andrés; Sanchez, Eusebio; Scarpine, Vic; Schindler, Rafe; Schubnell, Michael; Serrano, Santiago; Sevilla, Ignacio; Smith, Mathew; Soares-Santos, Marcelle; Sobreira, Flavia; Suchyta, Eric; Swanson, Molly; Tarle, Gregory; Vikram, Vinu; Walker, Alistair2020-04Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-SUS
A low-energy explosion yields the underluminous Type IIP SN 2020cxdYang, S., Sollerman, J., Strotjohann, N. L., Schulze, S., Lunnan, R., Kool, E., Fremling, C., Perley, D., Ofek, E., Schweyer, T., Bellm, E. C., Kasliwal, M. M., Masci, F. J., Rigault, M., Yang, Y.2021-11Astronomy & AstrophysicsGMOS-NLTP
Gemini Near-IR Photometry of the Arches Cluster Near the Galactic CenterYang, Y., Park, H. S., Lee, M. G., and Lee, S.-G.2002-09Journal of the Korean Astronomical SocietyHokupaaSV
The Young and Nearby Normal Type Ia Supernova 2018gv: UV-optical Observations and the Earliest SpectropolarimetryYang, Yi; Hoeflich, Peter; Baade, Dietrich; Maund, Justyn R.; Wang, Lifan; Brown, Peter. J.; Stevance, Heloise F.; Arcavi, Iair; Burke, Jamison; Cikota, Aleksandar; Clocchiatti, Alejandro; Gal-Yam, Avishay; Graham, Melissa. L.; Hiramatsu, Daichi; Hosseinzadeh, Griffin; Howell, D. Andrew; Jha, Saurabh W.; McCully, Curtis; Patat, Ferdinando; Sand, David. J. Schulze, Steve; Spyromilio, Jason; Valenti, Stefano; Vinkó, József; Wang, Xiaofeng; Wheeler, J. Craig; Yaron, Ofer; Zhang, Jujia2020-10The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-NUS
When comets get old: A synthesis of comet and meteor observations of the low activity comet 209P/LINEARYe (叶泉志), Quan-Zhi, Hui (许文韬), Man-To, Brown, Peter G., Campbell-Brown, Margaret D., Pokorný, Petr, Wiegert, Paul A., Gao (高兴), Xing2016-01IcarusGMOS-N/FLAMINGOS-2CA
The TESS Grand Unified Hot Jupiter Survey. II. Twenty New Giant PlanetsYee, Samuel W., Winn, Joshua N., Hartman, Joel D., Bouma, Luke G., Zhou, George, Quinn, Samuel N., Latham, David W., Bieryla, Allyson, Rodriguez, Joseph E., Collins, Karen A., Alfaro, Owen, Barkaoui, Khalid, Beard, Corey, Belinski, Alexander A., Benkhaldoun, Zouhair, Benni, Paul, Bernacki, Krzysztof, Boyle, Andrew W., Butler, R. Paul, Caldwell, Douglas A., Chontos, Ashley, Christiansen, Jessie L., Ciardi, David R., Collins, Kevin I., Conti, Dennis M., Crane, Jeffrey D., Daylan, Tansu, Dressing, Courtney D., Eastman, Jason D., Essack, Zahra, Evans, Phil, Everett, Mark E., Fajardo-Acosta, Sergio, Forés-Toribio, Raquel, Furlan, Elise, Ghachoui, Mourad, Gillon, Michaël, Hellier, Coel, Helm, Ian, Howard, Andrew W., Howell, Steve B., Isaacson, Howard, Jehin, Emmanuel, Jenkins, Jon M., Jensen, Eric L. N., Kielkopf, John F., Laloum, Didier, Leonhardes-Barboza, Naunet, Lewin, Pablo, Logsdon, Sarah E., Lubin, Jack, Lund, Michael B., MacDougall, Mason G., Mann, Andrew W., Maslennikova, Natalia A., Massey, Bob, McLeod, Kim K., Muñoz, Jose A., Newman, Patrick, Orlov, Valeri, Plavchan, Peter, Popowicz, Adam, Pozuelos, Francisco J., Pritchard, Tyler A., Radford, Don J., Reefe, Michael, Ricker, George R., Rudat, Alexander, Safonov, Boris S., Schwarz, Richard P., Schweiker, Heidi, Scott, Nicholas J., Seager, S., Shectman, Stephen A., Stockdale, Chris, Tan, Thiam-Guan, Teske, Johanna K., Thomas, Neil B., Timmermans, Mathilde, Vanderspek, Roland, Vermilion, David, Watanabe, David, Weiss, Lauren M., West, Richard G., Van Zandt, Judah, Zejmo, Michal, Ziegler, Carl2023-03The Astrophysical Journal Supplement SeriesAlopeke/ZorroLP
The TESS Grand Unified Hot Jupiter Survey. I. Ten TESS PlanetsYee, Samuel W., Winn, Joshua N., Hartman, Joel D., Rodriguez, Joseph E., Zhou, George, Quinn, Samuel N., Latham, David W., Bieryla, Allyson, Collins, Karen A., Addison, Brett C., Angelo, Isabel, Barkaoui, Khalid, Benni, Paul, Boyle, Andrew W., Brahm, Rafael, Butler, R. Paul, Ciardi, David R., Collins, Kevin I., Conti, Dennis M., Crane, Jeffrey D., Dai, Fei, Dressing, Courtney D., Eastman, Jason D., Essack, Zahra, Forés-Toribio, Raquel, Furlan, Elise, Gan, Tianjun, Giacalone, Steven, Gill, Holden, Girardin, Eric, Henning, Thomas, Henze, Christopher E., Hobson, Melissa J., Horner, Jonathan, Howard, Andrew W., Howell, Steve B., Huang, Chelsea X., Isaacson, Howard, Jenkins, Jon M., Jensen, Eric L. N., Jordán, Andrés, Kane, Stephen R., Kielkopf, John F., Lasota, Slawomir, Levine, Alan M., Lubin, Jack, Mann, Andrew W., Massey, Bob, McLeod, Kim K., Mengel, Matthew W., Muñoz, Jose A., Murgas, Felipe, Palle, Enric, Plavchan, Peter, Popowicz, Adam, Radford, Don J., Ricker, George R., Rowden, Pamela, Safonov, Boris S., Savel, Arjun B., Schwarz, Richard P., Seager, S., Sefako, Ramotholo, Shporer, Avi, Srdoc, Gregor, Strakhov, Ivan S., Teske, Johanna K., Tinney, C. G., Tyler, Dakotah, Wittenmyer, Robert A., Zhang, Hui, Ziegler, Carl2022-08The Astronomical JournalAlopeke/ZorroLP
A Quasar Shedding Its Dust Cocoon at Redshift 2Yi, Weimin, Brandt, W. N., Ni, Q., Ho, Luis C., Luo, Bin, Yan, Wei, Schneider, D. P., Paul, Jeremiah D., Plotkin, Richard M., Yang, Jinyi, Wang, Feige, He, Zhicheng, Chen, Chen, Wu, Xue-Bing, Bai, Jin-Ming2022-05The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-N/GNIRSFT/US
Multiepoch Spectroscopy of Mg II Broad Absorption Line TransitionsYi, Weimin, Timlin, John2021-07The Astrophysical Journal Supplement SeriesGMOS-NFT/US
The Kinematics of Thick Disks in External GalaxiesYoachim, P. and Dalcanton, J. J.2005-05The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-NUS
The Kinematics of Thick Disks in Nine External GalaxiesYoachim, P. and Dalcanton, J. J.2008-08The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-N/GMOS-SUS
Chemical Abundances in Giants Stars of the Tidally Disrupted Globular Cluster NGC 6712 from High-resolution Infrared SpectroscopyYong, D., Meléndez, J., Cunha, K., Karakas, A. I., Norris, J. E., and Smith, V. V.2008-12The Astrophysical JournalPHOENIXAU
GRACES observations of young [α/Fe]-rich starsYong, David, Casagrande, Luca, Venn, Kim A., Chené, André-Nicolas, Keown, Jared, Malo, Lison, Martioli, Eder, Alves-Brito, Alan, Asplund, Martin, Dotter, Aaron, Martell, Sarah L., Meléndez, Jorge, Schlesinger, Katharine J.2016-06Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGRACESSV
Confirming the intrinsic abundance spread in the globular cluster NGC 6273 (M19) with calcium triplet spectroscopyYong, David, Da Costa, Gary S., Norris, John E.2016-08Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-SAU
Intracluster light properties in a fossil cluster at z = 0.47Yoo, Jaewon, Ko, Jongwan, Kim, Jae-Woo, Kim, Hyowon2021-12Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-NKR
Dissecting the Different Components of the Modest Accretion Bursts of the Very Young Protostar HOPS 373Yoon, Sung-Yong, Herczeg, Gregory J., Lee, Jeong-Eun, Lee, Ho-Gyu, Johnstone, Doug, Varricatt, Watson, Tobin, John J., Contreras Peña, Carlos, Mairs, Steve, Hodapp, Klaus, Manoj, P., Osorio, Mayra, Megeath, S. Thomas, JCMT Transient Team2022-04The Astrophysical JournalGNIRSFT/CA
Evidence of Accretion Burst: The Viscously Heated Inner Disk of the Embedded Protostar IRAS 16316-1540Yoon, Sung-Yong, Lee, Jeong-Eun, Lee, Seokho, Herczeg, Gregory J., Park, Sunkyung, Mace, Gregory N., Lee, Jae-Joon, Jaffe, Daniel T.2021-10The Astrophysical JournalIGRINSSV
Discovery of 21-cm absorption in a zabs = 2.289 damped Lyman α system towards TXS 0311+430: the first low spin temperature absorber at z > 1York, B. A., Kanekar, N., Ellison, S. L., and Pettini, M.2007-11Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-NCA/UK
Potential Signature of Population III Pair-instability Supernova Ejecta in the BLR Gas of the Most Distant Quasar at z = 7.54Yoshii, Yuzuru, Sameshima, Hiroaki, Tsujimoto, Takuji, Shigeyama, Toshikazu, Beers, Timothy C., Peterson, Bruce A.2022-10The Astrophysical JournalGNIRSDD/FT/JP

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