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Optical and X-ray follow-up to a globular cluster ultraluminous X-ray source in NGC 4472Athukoralalage, Wasundara Ranhari, Dage, Kristen C., Zepf, Stephen E., Bahramian, Arash, Cackett, Edward M., Kundu, Arunav, Maccarone, Thomas J.2023-01Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-SUS
KELT-9 and its ultra-hot Jupiter: Stellar parameters, composition, and planetary pollutionKama, Mihkel, Folsom, Colin P., Jermyn, Adam S., Teske, Johanna K.2023-01Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGRACESDD
The merger fraction of ultramassive white dwarfsKilic, Mukremin, Moss, Adam G., Kosakowski, Alekzander, Bergeron, P., Conly, Annamarie A., Brown, Warren R., Toonen, Silvia, Williams, Kurtis A., Dufour, P.2023-01Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-N/GMOS-S/ZorroCA/US
Unveiling a new extragalactic structure hidden by the Milky WayGaldeano, Daniela, Ferrero, Gabriel A., Coldwell, Georgina, Duplancic, Fernanda, Alonso, Sol, Riffel, Rogerio, Minniti, Dante2023-01Astronomy & AstrophysicsFLAMINGOS-2AR
Wray 15-811: An unusual runaway starWeidmann, W. A., Ahumada, J. A., Gamen, R., Pintado, O., Paron, S., Gramajo, L., Di Mille, F.2023-01New AstronomyGMOS-SAR
GOGREEN: A critical assessment of environmental trends in cosmological hydrodynamical simulations at z ≍ 1Kukstas, Egidijus, Balogh, Michael L., McCarthy, Ian G., Bahé, Yannick M., De Lucia, Gabriella, Jablonka, Pascale, Vulcani, Benedetta, Baxter, Devontae C., Biviano, Andrea, Cerulo, Pierluigi, Chan, Jeffrey C., Cooper, M. C., Demarco, Ricardo, Finoguenov, Alexis, Font, Andreea S., Lidman, Chris, Marchioni, Justin, McGee, Sean, Muzzin, Adam, Nantais, Julie, Old, Lyndsay, Pintos-Castro, Irene, Poggianti, Bianca, Reeves, Andrew M. M., Rudnick, Gregory, Sarron, Florian, van der Burg, Remco, Webb, Kristi, Wilson, Gillian, Yee, Howard K. C., Zaritsky, Dennis2023-01Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-N/GMOS-SLP
Spectroscopic follow-up of a subset of the Gaia/IPHAS catalogue of Hα-excess sourcesFratta, M., Scaringi, S., Monguió, M., Pala, A. F., Drew, J. E., Knigge, C., Iłkiewicz, K. A., Gandhi, P.2023-01Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-N/GMOS-SUS
TNO or Comet? The Search for Activity and Characterization of Distant Object 418993 (2009 MS9)Bufanda, Erica, Meech, Karen J., Kleyna, Jan T., Hainaut, Olivier R., Bauer, James M., Stephens, Haynes, Veres, Peter, Micheli, Marco, Keane, Jacqueline V., Weryk, Robert, Wainscoat, Richard, Sahu, Devendra K., Bhatt, Bhuwan C.2023-01The Planetary Science JournalGMOS-N/GMOS-SUH/US
(Nearly) Model-independent Constraints on the Neutral Hydrogen Fraction in the Intergalactic Medium at z 5-7 Using Dark Pixel Fractions in Lyα and Lyβ ForestsJin, Xiangyu, Yang, Jinyi, Fan, Xiaohui, Wang, Feige, Bañados, Eduardo, Bian, Fuyan, Davies, Frederick B., Eilers, Anna-Christina, Farina, Emanuele Paolo, Hennawi, Joseph F., Pacucci, Fabio, Venemans, Bram, Walter, Fabian2023-01The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-N/GMOS-SFT/US
Cosmic-CoNN: A Cosmic-Ray Detection Deep-learning Framework, Data Set, and ToolkitXu, Chengyuan, McCully, Curtis, Dong, Boning, Howell, D. Andrew, Sen, Pradeep2023-01The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-N/GMOS-SLP/JP/LTP/DD/FT/US/CA
The Roles of Morphology and Environment on the Star Formation Rate-Stellar Mass Relation in COSMOS from 0 < z < 3.5Cooke, Kevin C., Kartaltepe, Jeyhan S., Rose, Caitlin, Tyler, K. D., Darvish, Behnam, Leslie, Sarah K., Peng, Ying-jie, Häußler, Boris, Koekemoer, Anton M.2023-01The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-SCA/US
High-resolution Spectra of Supernova Remnants in M83Winkler, P. Frank, Long, Knox S., Blair, William P., Points, Sean D.2023-01The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-SUS
Gaia-IGRINS synergy: Orbits of newly identified Milky Way star clustersGarro, Elisa R., Fernández-Trincado, José G., Minniti, Dante, Moya, Wisthon H., Palma, Tali, Beers, Timothy C., Placco, Vinicius M., Barbuy, Beatriz, Sneden, Chris, Alves-Brito, Alan, Dias, Bruno, Afşar, Melike, Frelijj, Heinz, Lane, Richard R.2023-01Astronomy & AstrophysicsIGRINSCL/AR/BR
Deep Clouds on JupiterWong, Michael H., Bjoraker, Gordon L., Goullaud, Charles, Stephens, Andrew W., Luszcz-Cook, Statia H., Atreya, Sushil K., de Pater, Imke de, Brown, Shannon T.2023-01Remote SensingNIRIUS
The IGRINS YSO Survey. III. Stellar Parameters of Pre-main-sequence Stars in Ophiuchus and Upper ScorpiusLópez-Valdivia, Ricardo, Mace, Gregory N., Han, Eunkyu, Sawczynec, Erica, Hernández, Jesús, Prato, L., Johns-Krull, Christopher M., Oh, Heeyoung, Lee, Jae-Joon, Kraus, Adam, Llama, Joe, Jaffe, Daniel T.2023-01The Astrophysical JournalIGRINSUS/LP
Analysis of the first infrared spectrum of quasi-bound H2 line emission in Herbig-Haro 7Roueff, E., Burton, M. G., Geballe, T. R., Abgrall, H.2023-01Astronomy & AstrophysicsNIFSGS
Optimal Observational Scheduling Framework for Binary and Multiple Stellar SystemsVidela, Miguel, Mendez, Rene A., Silva, Jorge F., Orchard, Marcos E.2023-01Publications of the Astronomical Society of the PacificZorroCL/US
ISPY: NACO Imaging Survey for Planets around Young stars. The demographics of forming planets embedded in protoplanetary disksCugno, G., Pearce, T. D., Launhardt, R., Bonse, M. J., Ma, J., Henning, T., Quirrenbach, A., Ségransan, D., Matthews, E. C., Quanz, S. P., Kennedy, G. M., Müller, A., Reffert, S., Rickman, E. L.2023-01Astronomy & AstrophysicsNICIJP
TOI-969: a late-K dwarf with a hot mini-Neptune in the desert and an eccentric cold JupiterLillo-Box, J., Gandolfi, D., Armstrong, D. J., Collins, K. A., Nielsen, L. D., Luque, R., Korth, J., Sousa, S. G., Quinn, S. N., Acuña, L., Howell, S. B., Morello, G., Hellier, C., Giacalone, S., Hoyer, S., Stassun, K., Palle, E., Aguichine, A., Mousis, O., Adibekyan, V., Azevedo Silva, T., Barrado, D., Deleuil, M., Eastman, J. D., Fukui, A., Hawthorn, F., Irwin, J. M., Jenkins, J. M., Latham, D. W., Muresan, A., Narita, N., Persson, C. M., Santerne, A., Santos, N. C., Savel, A. B., Osborn, H. P., Teske, J., Wheatley, P. J., Winn, J. N., Barros, S. C. C., Butler, R. P., Caldwell, D. A., Charbonneau, D., Cloutier, R., Crane, J. D., Demangeon, O. D. S., Díaz, R. F., Dumusque, X., Esposito, M., Falk, B., Gill, H., Hojjatpanah, S., Kreidberg, L., Mireles, I., Osborn, A., Ricker, G. R., Rodriguez, J. E., Schwarz, R. P., Seager, S., Serrano Bell, J., Shectman, S. A., Shporer, A., Vezie, M., Wang, S. X., Zhou, G.2023-01Astronomy & AstrophysicsZorroUS
Deciphering the extreme X-ray variability of the nuclear transient eRASSt J045650.3−203750. A likely repeating partial tidal disruption eventLiu, Z., Malyali, A., Krumpe, M., Homan, D., Goodwin, A. J., Grotova, I., Kawka, A., Rau, A., Merloni, A., Anderson, G. E., Miller-Jones, J. C. A., Markowitz, A. G., Ciroi, S., Di Mille, F., Schramm, M., Tang, S., Buckley, D. A. H., Gromadzki, M., Jin, C., Buchner, J.2023-01Astronomy & AstrophysicsGMOS-SFT/JP

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