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TOI-1231 b: A Temperate, Neptune-sized Planet Transiting the Nearby M3 Dwarf NLTT 24399Burt, Jennifer A., Dragomir, Diana, Mollière, Paul, Youngblood, Allison, García Muñoz, Antonio, McCann, John, Kreidberg, Laura, Huang, Chelsea X., Collins, Karen A., Eastman, Jason D., Abe, Lyu, Almenara, Jose M., Crossfield, Ian J. M., Ziegler, Carl, Rodriguez, Joseph E., Mamajek, Eric E., Stassun, Keivan G., Halverson, Samuel P., Villanueva, Steven, Butler, R. Paul, Wang, Sharon Xuesong, Schwarz, Richard P., Ricker, George R., Vanderspek, Roland, Latham, David W., Seager, S., Winn, Joshua N., Jenkins, Jon M., Agabi, Abdelkrim, Bonfils, Xavier, Ciardi, David, Cointepas, Marion, Crane, Jeffrey D., Crouzet, Nicolas, Dransfield, Georgina, Feng, Fabo, Furlan, Elise, Guillot, Tristan, Gupta, Arvind F., Howell, Steve B., Jensen, Eric L. N., Law, Nicholas, Mann, Andrew W., Marie-Sainte, Wenceslas, Matson, Rachel A., Matthews, Elisabeth C., Mékarnia, Djamel, Pepper, Joshua, Scott, Nic, Shectman, Stephen A., Schlieder, Joshua E., Schmider, François-Xavier, Stevens, Daniel J., Teske, Johanna K., Triaud, Amaury H. M. J., Charbonneau, David, Berta-Thompson, Zachory K., Burke, Christopher J., Daylan, Tansu, Barclay, Thomas, Wohler, Bill, Brasseur, C. E.2021-09The Astronomical JournalZorroUS
Six More Quasars at Redshift 6 Discovered by the Canada-France High-z Quasar SurveyWillott, C. J., Delorme, P., Reylé, C., Albert, L., Bergeron, J., Crampton, D., Delfosse, X., Forveille, T., Hutchings, J. B., McLure, R. J., Omont, A., and Schade, D.2009-03The Astronomical JournalGMOS-SCA
Jupiter’s Mesoscale Waves Observed at 5 μm by Ground-based Observations and Juno JIRAMFletcher, Leigh N., Melin, H., Adriani, A., Simon, A. A., Sanchez-Lavega, A., Donnelly, P. T., Antuñano, A., Orton, G. S., Hueso, R., Kraaikamp, E., Wong, M. H., Barnett, M., Moriconi, M. L., Altieri, F., Sindoni, G.2018-08The Astronomical JournalNIRIUS
TOI-1634 b: An Ultra-short-period Keystone Planet Sitting inside the M-dwarf Radius ValleyCloutier, Ryan, Charbonneau, David, Stassun, Keivan G., Murgas, Felipe, Mortier, Annelies, Massey, Robert, Lissauer, Jack J., Latham, David W., Irwin, Jonathan, Haywood, Raphaëlle D., Guerra, Pere, Girardin, Eric, Giacalone, Steven A., Bosch-Cabot, Pau, Bieryla, Allyson, Winn, Joshua, Watson, Christopher A., Vanderspek, Roland, Udry, Stéphane, Tamura, Motohide, Sozzetti, Alessandro, Shporer, Avi, Ségransan, Damien, Seager, Sara, Savel, Arjun B., Sasselov, Dimitar, Rose, Mark, Ricker, George, Rice, Ken, Quintana, Elisa V., Quinn, Samuel N., Piotto, Giampaolo, Phillips, David, Pepe, Francesco, Pedani, Marco, Parviainen, Hannu, Palle, Enric, Narita, Norio, Molinari, Emilio, Micela, Giuseppina, McDermott, Scott, Mayor, Michel, Matson, Rachel A., Martinez Fiorenzano, Aldo F., Lovis, Christophe, López-Morales, Mercedes, Kusakabe, Nobuhiko, Jensen, Eric L. N., Jenkins, Jon M., Huang, Chelsea X., Howell, Steve B., Harutyunyan, Avet, Fűrész, Gábor, Fukui, Akihiko, Esquerdo, Gilbert A., Esparza-Borges, Emma, Dumusque, Xavier, Dressing, Courtney D., Fabrizio, Luca Di, Collins, Karen A., Cameron, Andrew Collier, Christiansen, Jessie L., Cecconi, Massimo, Buchhave, Lars A., Boschin, Walter, Andreuzzi, Gloria2021-08The Astronomical JournalAlopekeUS
Red Supergiants as Potential Type IIn Supernova Progenitors: Spatially Resolved 4.6 μm CO Emission Around VY CMa and BetelgeuseSmith, N., Hinkle, K. H., and Ryde, N.2009-03The Astronomical JournalPHOENIXUS/DD
TOI-2076 and TOI-1807: Two Young, Comoving Planetary Systems within 50 pc Identified by TESS that are Ideal Candidates for Further Follow UpHedges, Christina, Hughes, Alex, Zhou, George, David, Trevor J., Becker, Juliette, Giacalone, Steven, Vanderburg, Andrew, Rodriguez, Joseph E., Bieryla, Allyson, Wirth, Christopher, Atherton, Shaun, Fetherolf, Tara, Collins, Karen A., Price-Whelan, Adrian M., Bedell, Megan, Quinn, Samuel N., Gan, Tianjun, Ricker, George R., Latham, David W., Vanderspek, Roland K., Seager, Sara, Winn, Joshua N., Jenkins, Jon M., Kielkopf, John F., Schwarz, Richard P., Dressing, Courtney D., Gonzales, Erica J., Crossfield, Ian J. M., Matthews, Elisabeth C., Jensen, Eric L. N., Furlan, Elise, Gnilka, Crystal L., Howell, Steve B., Lester, Kathryn V., Scott, Nicholas J., Feliz, Dax L., Lund, Michael B., Siverd, Robert J., Stevens, Daniel J., Narita, N., Fukui, A., Murgas, F., Palle, Enric, Sutton, Phil J., Stassun, Keivan G., Bouma, Luke G., Vezie, Michael, Villaseñor, Jesus Noel, Quintana, Elisa V., Smith, Jeffrey C.2021-08The Astronomical JournalAlopekeLP
Spectroscopy of High-Redshift Supernovae from the Essence Project: The First Four YearsFoley, R. J., Matheson, T., Blondin, S., Chornock, R., Silverman, J. M., Challis, P., Clocchiatti, A., Filippenko, A. V., Kirshner, R. P., Leibundgut, B., Sollerman, J., Spyromilio, J., Tonry, J. L., Davis, T. M., Garnavich, P. M., Jha, S. W., Krisciunas, K., Li, W., Pignata, G., Rest, A., Riess, A. G., Schmidt, B. P., Smith, R. C., Stubbs, C. W., Tucker, B. E., and Wood-Vasey, W. M.2009-04The Astronomical JournalGMOS-N/GMOS-SAU/US
Kinematics and Modeling of the Inner Region of M 83Rodrigues, I., Dottori, H., Díaz, R. J., Agüero, M. P., and Mast, D.2009-05The Astronomical JournalCIRPASSBR
Evidence for an Edge-on Disk Around the Young Star MWC 778 from Infrared Imaging and PolarimetryPerrin, M. D., Vacca, W. D., and Graham, J. R.2009-05The Astronomical JournalMICHELLEUS
On the Compact H II Galaxy UM 408 as Seen by GMOS-IFU: Physical ConditionsLagos, P., Telles, E., Muñoz-Tuñón, C., Carrasco, E. R., Cuisinier, F., and Tenorio-Tagle, G.2009-06The Astronomical JournalGMOS-SBR/GS
SN 2008ha: An Extremely Low Luminosity and Exceptionally Low Energy SupernovaFoley, R. J., Chornock, R., Filippenko, A. V., Ganeshalingam, M., Kirshner, R. P., Li, W., Cenko, S. B., Challis, P. J., Friedman, A. S., Modjaz, M., Silverman, J. M., and Wood-Vasey, W. M.2009-08The Astronomical JournalNIRIDD
Hunting for Planetary Nebulae toward the Galactic CenterHong, Jihye, Simpson, Janet P., An, Deokkeun, Cotera, Angela S., Ramírez, Solange V.2021-09The Astronomical JournalGNIRSUS
The Three-Dimensional Structure of HH 32 from GMOS IFU SpectroscopyBeck, T. L., Riera, A., Raga, A. C., and Aspin, C.2004-01The Astronomical JournalGMOS-NSV
High Angular Resolution Imaging Spectroscopy of the Galactic Ultracompact H II Region K3-50ABlum, R. D. and McGregor, P. J.2009-08The Astronomical JournalNIFS+ALTAIRAU
Characterization of the Atmosphere of Super-Earth 55 Cancri e Using High-resolution Ground-based Spectroscopy Jindal, Abhinav; de Mooij, Ernst J. W.; Jayawardhana, Ray; Deibert, Emily K.; Brogi, Matteo; Rustamkulov, Zafar; Fortney, Jonathan J.; Hood, Callie E.; Morley, Caroline V.2020-09The Astronomical JournalGRACESCA
The Gemini Deep Deep Survey. I. Introduction to the Survey, Catalogs, and Composite SpectraAbraham, R. G., Glazebrook, K., McCarthy, P. J., Crampton, D., Murowinski, R., Jørgensen, I., Roth, K., Hook, I. M., Savaglio, S., Chen, H.-W., Marzke, R. O., and Carlberg, R. G.2004-05The Astronomical JournalGMOS-NCA/US/SV
An Optical and X-Ray Study of the Fossil Group RX J1340.6+4018Mendes de Oliveira, C. L., Cypriano, E. S., Dupke, R. A., and Sodré, L., Jr.2009-08The Astronomical JournalGMOS-NBR
Multiband Polarimetric Imaging of HR 4796A with the Gemini Planet Imager Arriaga, Pauline; Fitzgerald, Michael P.; Duchêne, Gaspard; Kalas, Paul; Millar-Blanchaer, Maxwell A.; Perrin, Marshall D.; Chen, Christine H.; Mazoyer, Johan; Ammons, Mark; Bailey, Vanessa P.; Barman, Trafis S.; Bulger, Joanna; Chilcote, Jeffrey K.; Cotten, Tara; De Rosa, Robert J.; Doyon, Rene; Esposito, Thomas M.; Follette, Katherine B.; Gerard, Benjamin L.; Goodsell, Stephen Graham, James R.; Greenbaum, Alexandra Z.; Hibon, Pascale; Hom, Justin; Hung, Li-Wei; Ingraham, Patrick; Konopacky, Quinn M.; Macintosh, Bruce A.; Maire, Jérôme; Marchis, Franck; Marley, Mark S.; Marois, Christian; Metchev, Stanimir; Nielsen, Eric L.; Oppenheimer, Rebecca; Palmer, David W.; Patience, Jenny; Poyneer, Lisa A.; Pueyo, Laurent; Rajan, Abhijith; Rameau, Julien; Rantakyrö, Fredrik T.; Ruffio, Jean-Baptiste; Savransky, Dmitry; Schneider, Adam C.; Sivaramakrishnan, Anand; Song, Inseok; Soummer, Remi; Thomas, Sandrine; Wang, Jason J.; Ward-Duong, Kimberly; Wolff, Schuyler G.2020-08The Astronomical JournalGPIOther
The Metal-Poor Inner Spheroid Globular Cluster NGC 6558Davidge, T. J., Ledlow, M., and Puxley, P.2004-07The Astronomical JournalFLAMINGOSSV
Further Definition of the Mass-Metallicity Relation in Globular Cluster Systems Around Brightest Cluster GalaxiesCockcroft, R., Harris, W. E., Wehner, E. M. H., Whitmore, B. C., and Rothberg, B.2009-09The Astronomical JournalGMOS-SCA

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