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Gemini Observatory is among the bibliographic groups on ADS. Search syntax “bibgroup:gemini” returns all Gemini users publications. However it may not be up-to-date as the list below.

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A 99 minute Double-lined White Dwarf Binary from SDSS-VChandra, Vedant, Hwang, Hsiang-Chih, Zakamska, Nadia L., Gänsicke, Boris T., Hermes, J. J., Schwope, Axel, Badenes, Carles, Tovmassian, Gagik, Bauer, Evan B., Maoz, Dan, Schreiber, Matthias R., Toloza, Odette F., Inight, Keith P., Rix, Hans-Walter, Brown, Warren R.2021-11The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-NFT/US
A barium central star binary in the Type I diamond ring planetary nebula Abell 70Miszalski, B., Boffin, H. M. J., Frew, D. J., Acker, A., Köppen, J., Moffat, A. F. J., and Parker, Q. A.2012-01Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyGMOS-SAU/CA
A Binary Offset Effect in CCD Readout and Its Impact on Astronomical DataBoone, K., Aldering, G., Copin, Y., Dixon, S., Domagalski, R. S., Gangler, E., Pecontal, E., Perlmutter, S.2018-06Publications of the Astronomical Society of the PacificGMOS-N/GMOS-SOther
A BL Lacertae Object at a Cosmic Age of 800 MyrKoptelova, Ekaterina, Hwang, Chorng-Yuan2022-04The Astrophysical Journal LettersGNIRSFT/JP
A Black Hole in the Galactic Center Complex IRS 13E?Schödel, R., Eckart, A., Iserlohe, C., Genzel, R., and Ott, T.2005-06The Astrophysical JournalHokupaaSV
A Black Hole Mass Determination for the Compact Galaxy Mrk 1216Walsh, Jonelle L., van den Bosch, Remco C. E., Gebhardt, Karl, Yıldırım, Akın, Gültekin, Kayhan, Husemann, Bernd, Richstone, Douglas O.2017-02The Astrophysical JournalNIFS+LGSUS
A blast wave from the 1843 eruption of η CarinaeSmith, N.2008-09NatureGNIRSUS
A Bow Shock of Heated Dust Surrounding Galactic Center Source IRS 8Geballe, T. R., Rigaut, F., Roy, J.-R., and Draine, B. T.2004-02The Astrophysical JournalHokupaaSV
A brief visit from a red and extremely elongated interstellar asteroidMeech, Karen J., Weryk, Robert, Micheli, Marco, Kleyna, Jan T., Hainaut, Olivier R., Jedicke, Robert, Wainscoat, Richard J., Chambers, Kenneth C., Keane, Jacqueline V., Petric, Andreea, Denneau, Larry, Magnier, Eugene, Berger, Travis, Huber, Mark E., Flewelling, Heather, Waters, Chris, Schunova-Lilly, Eva, Chastel, Serge2017-12NatureGMOS-SDD
A Brightest Cluster Galaxy with an Extremely Large Flat CorePostman, M., Lauer, T. R., Donahue, M., Graves, G., Coe, D., Moustakas, J., Koekemoer, A., Bradley, L., Ford, H. C., Grillo, C., Zitrin, A., Lemze, D., Broadhurst, T., Moustakas, L., Ascaso, B., Medezinski, E., and Kelson, D.2012-09The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-NCA
A Brown Dwarf Census from the SIMP SurveyRobert, Jasmin, Gagné, Jonathan, Artigau, Étienne, Lafrenière, David, Nadeau, Daniel, Doyon, René, Malo, Lison, Albert, Loïc, Simard, Corinne, Bardalez Gagliuffi, Daniella C., Burgasser, Adam J.2016-10The Astrophysical JournalGNIRS/NIRIGS/CA
A Carbon/Oxygen-dominated Atmosphere Days after Explosion for the "Super-Chandrasekhar" Type Ia SN 2020esmDimitriadis, Georgios, Foley, Ryan J., Arendse, Nikki, Coulter, David A., Jacobson-Galán, Wynn V., Siebert, Matthew R., Izzo, Luca, Jones, David O., Kilpatrick, Charles D., Pan, Yen-Chen, Taggart, Kirsty, Auchettl, Katie, Gall, Christa, Hjorth, Jens, Kasen, Daniel, Piro, Anthony L., Raimundo, Sandra I., Ramirez-Ruiz, Enrico, Rest, Armin, Swift, Jonathan J., Woosley, Stan E.2022-03The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-NUS/DD
A Carefully Characterized and Tracked Trans-Neptunian Survey: The Size distribution of the Plutinos and the Number of Neptunian TrojansAlexandersen, Mike, Gladman, Brett, Kavelaars, J. J., Petit, Jean-Marc, Gwyn, Stephen D. J., Shankman, Cory J., Pike, Rosemary E.2016-11The Astronomical JournalGMOS-NCA
A census of baryons in the Universe from localized fast radio burstsMacquart, J. -P.; Prochaska, J. X.; McQuinn, M.; Bannister, K. W.; Bhandari, S.; Day, C. K.; Deller, A. T.; Ekers, R. D.; James, C. W.; Marnoch, L.; Osłowski, S.; Phillips, C.; Ryder, S. D.; Scott, D. R.; Shannon, R. M.; Tejos, N.2020-05NatureGMOS-SCL/US
A census of Hα emitters in the intergalactic medium of the NGC 2865 systemUrrutia-Viscarra, F., Arnaboldi, M., Mendes de Oliveira, C., Gerhard, O., Torres-Flores, S., Carrasco, E. R., de Mello, D.2014-09Astronomy & AstrophysicsGMOS-SBR
A Census of Stars and Disks in Corona AustralisEsplin, T. L., Luhman, K. L.2022-02The Astronomical JournalGMOS-S/FLAMINGOS-2US
A census of stellar mass in ten massive haloes at z ~ 1 from the GCLASS Surveyvan der Burg, R. F. J., Muzzin, A., Hoekstra, H., Wilson, G., Lidman, C., Yee, H. K. C.2014-01Astronomy & AstrophysicsGMOS-N/GMOS-SUS/CA
A Census of the Taurus Star-forming Region and Neighboring Associations with GaiaLuhman, K. L.2023-02The Astronomical JournalGMOS-NUS
A Census of Young Stars and Brown Dwarfs in IC 348 and NGC 1333Luhman, K. L., Esplin, T. L., Loutrel, N. P.2016-08The Astrophysical JournalNIRI/GNIRSUS/FT
A CHEOPS-enhanced view of the HD 3167 system,★Bourrier, V., Deline, A., Krenn, A., Egger, J. A., Petit, A. C., Malavolta, L., Cretignier, M., Billot, N., Broeg, C., Florén, H. -G., Queloz, D., Alibert, Y., Bonfanti, A., Bonomo, A. S., Delisle, J. -B., Demangeon, O. D. S., Demory, B. -O., Dumusque, X., Ehrenreich, D., Haywood, R. D., Howell, S. B., Lendl, M., Mortier, A., Nigro, G., Salmon, S., Sousa, S. G., Wilson, T. G., Adibekyan, V., Alonso, R., Anglada, G., Bárczy, T., Barrado y Navascues, D., Barros, S. C. C., Baumjohann, W., Beck, M., Benz, W., Biondi, F., Bonfils, X., Brandeker, A., Cabrera, J., Charnoz, S., Csizmadia, Sz., Collier Cameron, A., Damasso, M., Davies, M. B., Deleuil, M., Delrez, L., Di Fabrizio, L., Erikson, A., Fortier, A., Fossati, L., Fridlund, M., Gandolfi, D., Gillon, M., Güdel, M., Heng, K., Hoyer, S., Isaak, K. G., Kiss, L. L., Laskar, J., Lecavelier des Etangs, A., Lorenzi, V., Lovis, C., Magrin, D., Massa, A., Maxted, P. F. L., Nascimbeni, V., Olofsson, G., Ottensamer, R., Pagano, I., Pallé, E., Peter, G., Piotto, G., Pollacco, D., Ragazzoni, R., Rando, N., Rauer, H., Ribas, I., Santos, N. C., Scandariato, G., Ségransan, D., Simon, A. E., Smith, A. M. S., Steller, M., Szabó, Gy. M., Thomas, N., Udry, S., Van Grootel, V., Verrecchia, F., Walton, N., Beck, T., Buder, M., Ratti, F., Ulmer, B., Viotto, V.2022-12Astronomy & AstrophysicsAlopekeLP

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