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Staring at the Shadows of Archaic Galaxies: Damped Lyα and Metal Absorbers Toward a Young z 6 Weak-line QuasarAndika, Irham Taufik, Jahnke, Knud, Bañados, Eduardo, Bosman, Sarah E. I., Davies, Frederick B., Eilers, Anna-Christina, Farina, Emanuele Paolo, Onoue, Masafusa, van der Wel, Arjen2022-06The Astronomical JournalGNIRSFT/JP
TESS Reveals HD 118203 b to be a Transiting Planet Pepper, Joshua; Kane, Stephen R.; Rodriguez, Joseph E.; Hinkel, Natalie R.; Eastman, Jason D.; Daylan, Tansu; Mocnik, Teo; Dalba, Paul A.; Gaudi, B. Scott; Fetherolf, Tara; Stassun, Keivan G.; Campante, Tiago L.; Vanderburg, Andrew; Huber, Daniel; Bossini, Diego; Crossfield, Ian; Howell, Steve B.; Stephens, Andrew W.; Furlan, E.; Ricker, George R. Vanderspek, Roland; Latham, David W.; Seager, S.; Winn, Joshua N.; Jenkins, Jon M.; Twicken, Joseph D.; Rose, Mark; Smith, Jeffrey C.; Glidden, Ana; Levine, Alan M.; Rinehart, Stephen; Collins, Karen A.; Mann, Andrew W.; Burt, Jennifer A.; James, David J.; Siverd, Robert J.; Günther, Maximilian N.2020-06The Astronomical JournalAlopekeUS
275 Candidates and 149 Validated Planets Orbiting Bright Stars in K2 Campaigns 0–10Mayo, Andrew W., Vanderburg, Andrew, Latham, David W., Bieryla, Allyson, Morton, Timothy D., Buchhave, Lars A., Dressing, Courtney D., Beichman, Charles, Berlind, Perry, Calkins, Michael L., Ciardi, David R., Crossfield, Ian J. M., Esquerdo, Gilbert A., Everett, Mark E., Gonzales, Erica J., Hirsch, Lea A., Horch, Elliott P., Howard, Andrew W., Howell, Steve B., Livingston, John, Patel, Rahul, Petigura, Erik A., Schlieder, Joshua E., Scott, Nicholas J., Schumer, Clea F., Sinukoff, Evan, Teske, Johanna, Winters, Jennifer G.2018-03The Astronomical JournalNIRI+ALTAIR/DSSILP/US
N-Band Observations of Henize 2-10: Unveiling the Dusty Engine of a Starburst GalaxyVacca, W. D., Johnson, K. E., and Conti, P. S.2002-02The Astronomical JournalOSCIRUS
The M31 Dwarf Spheroidal Companion Andromeda V: g', r', and i' Imaging with the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrograph on Gemini NorthDavidge, T. J., Da Costa, G. S., Jørgensen, I., and Allington-Smith, J. R.2002-08The Astronomical JournalGMOS-NSV
Monitoring Inner Regions in the RY Tau JetUyama, Taichi, Takami, Michihiro, Cugno, Gabriele, Deo, Vincent, Guyon, Olivier, Hashimoto, Jun, Lozi, Julien, Norris, Barnaby, Tamura, Motohide, Vievard, Sebastien, Günther, Hans Moritz, Schneider, P. Christian, Akiyama, Eiji, Beck, Tracy L., Currie, Thayne, Hodapp, Klaus, Kwon, Jungmi, Mayama, Satoshi, Ohyama, Youichi, Pyo, Tae-Soo, Wisniewski, John P.2022-06The Astronomical JournalNIFS+ALTAIRJP
The Embedded Super-Star Cluster of SBS 0335-052Plante, S. and Sauvage, M.2002-10The Astronomical JournalOSCIRCA
Activity and Rotation of Nearby Field M Dwarfs in the TESS Southern Continuous Viewing ZoneAnthony, Francys, Núñez, Alejandro, Agüeros, Marcel A., Curtis, Jason L., do Nascimento, J. -D., Jr., Machado, João M., Mann, Andrew W., Newton, Elisabeth R., Rampalli, Rayna, Thao, Pa Chia, Wood, Mackenna L.2022-06The Astronomical JournalGMOS-SUS
The Upper Asymptotic Giant Branch of the Elliptical Galaxy Maffei 1 and Comparisons with M32 and NGC 5128Davidge, T. J.2002-10The Astronomical JournalGMOS-NSV
Accretion Rates on Pre-main-sequence Stars in the Young Open Cluster NGC 6530Gallardo, J., del Valle, L., and Ruiz, M. T.2012-01The Astronomical JournalGMOS-SCL
Scaling K2. V. Statistical Validation of 60 New Exoplanets From K2 Campaigns 2-18Christiansen, Jessie L., Bhure, Sakhee, Zink, Jon K., Hardegree-Ullman, Kevin K., Adkins, Britt Duffy, Hedges, Christina, Morton, Timothy D., Bieryla, Allyson, Ciardi, David R., Cochran, William D., Dressing, Courtney D., Everett, Mark E., Isaacson, Howard, Livingston, John H., Ziegler, Carl, Berlind, Perry, Calkins, Michael L., Esquerdo, Gilbert A., Latham, David W., Endl, Michael, MacQueen, Phillip J., Fulton, Benjamin J., Hirsch, Lea A., Howard, Andrew W., Weiss, Lauren M., Allen, Bridgette E., Berberyann, Arthur, Ciardi, Krys N., Dunlavy, Ava, Glassford, Sofia H., Dai, Fei, Hirano, Teruyuki, Tamura, Motohide, Beichman, Charles, Gonzales, Erica J., Schlieder, Joshua E., Barclay, Thomas, Crossfield, Ian J. M., Gilbert, Emily A., Matthews, Elisabeth C., Giacalone, Steven, Petigura, Erik A.2022-06The Astronomical JournalNIRI+ALTAIR/DSSILP
The HH 24 Complex: Jets, Multiple Star Formation, and Orphaned ProtostarsReipurth, Bo; Bally, J.; Yen, Hsi-Wei; Arce, H. G.; Rodríguez, L. -F.; Raga, A. C.; Geballe, T. R.; Rao, R.; Comerón, F.; Mikkola, S.; Aspin, C. A.; Walawender, J.2023-05The Astronomical JournalGMOS-N/GNIRS/NIRI+ALTAIRUH
The Structure and Stellar Content of the Central Region of M33Stephens, A. W. and Frogel, J. A.2002-10The Astronomical JournalHokupaaUS
Supernova 2008bk and Its Red Supergiant ProgenitorVan Dyk, S. D., Davidge, T. J., Elias-Rosa, N., Taubenberger, S., Li, W., Levesque, E. M., Howerton, S., Pignata, G., Morrell, N., Hamuy, M., and Filippenko, A. V.2012-01The Astronomical JournalGMOS-SCA
Chemical Abundances in 12 Red Giants of the Large Magellanic Cloud from High-Resolution Infrared SpectroscopySmith, V. V., Hinkle, K. H., Cunha, K., Plez, B., Lambert, D. L., Pilachowski, C. A., Barbuy, B., Meléndez, J., Balachandran, S., Bessell, M. S., Geisler, D. P., Hesser, J. E., and Winge, C.2002-12The Astronomical JournalPHOENIXSV
Unveiling the New Generation of Stars in NGC 604 with Gemini-NIRIFariña, C., Bosch, G. L., and Barbá, R. H.2012-02The Astronomical JournalNIRIAR
A Gaia View on the Star Formation in the Monoceros OB1 and R1 AssociationsLim, Beomdu, Nazé, Yaël, Hong, Jongsuk, Yoon, Sung-yong, Lee, Jinhee, Hwang, Narae, Park, Byeong-Gon, Lee, Jeong-Eun2022-06The Astronomical JournalIGRINSGT
The Nature and Evolutionary State of the FU Orionis Binary SystemBeck, T. L. and Aspin, C.2012-03The Astronomical JournalNIFSUH
The Detection and Characterization of Be+sdO Binaries from HST/STIS FUV SpectroscopyWang, Luqian, Gies, Douglas R., Peters, Geraldine J., Götberg, Ylva, Chojnowski, S. Drew, Lester, Kathryn V., Howell, Steve B.2021-05The Astronomical JournalAlopekeUS
A Close-in Puffy Neptune with Hidden Friends: The Enigma of TOI 620Reefe, Michael A., Luque, Rafael, Gaidos, Eric, Beard, Corey, Plavchan, Peter P., Cointepas, Marion, Cale, Bryson L., Palle, Enric, Parviainen, Hannu, Feliz, Dax L., Eastman, Jason, Stassun, Keivan, Gagné, Jonathan, Jenkins, Jon M., Boyd, Patricia T., Kidwell, Richard C., McDermott, Scott, Collins, Karen A., Fong, William, Guerrero, Natalia, Almenara-Villa, Jose-Manuel, Bean, Jacob, Beichman, Charles A., Berberian, John, Bieryla, Allyson, Bonfils, Xavier, Bouchy, François, Brady, Madison, Bryant, Edward M., Cacciapuoti, Luca, Cañas, Caleb I., Ciardi, David R., Collins, Kevin I., Crossfield, Ian J. M., Dressing, Courtney D., Eigmüller, Philipp, El Mufti, Mohammed, Esparza-Borges, Emma, Fukui, Akihiko, Gao, Peter, Geneser, Claire, Gnilka, Crystal L., Gonzales, Erica, Gupta, Arvind F., Halverson, Sam, Hearty, Fred, Howell, Steve B., Irwin, Jonathan, Kanodia, Shubham, Kasper, David, Kodama, Takanori, Kostov, Veselin, Latham, David W., Lendl, Monika, Lin, Andrea, Livingston, John H., Lubin, Jack, Mahadevan, Suvrath, Matson, Rachel, Matthews, Elisabeth, Murgas, Felipe, Narita, Norio, Newman, Patrick, Ninan, Joe, Osborn, Ares, Quinn, Samuel N., Robertson, Paul, Roy, Arpita, Schlieder, Joshua, Schwab, Christian, Seifahrt, Andreas, Smith, Gareth D., Sohani, Ahmad, Stefánsson, Guðmundur, Stevens, Daniel, Stürmer, Julian, Tanner, Angelle, Terrien, Ryan, Teske, Johanna, Vermilion, David, Wang, Sharon X., Wittrock, Justin, Wright, Jason T., Zechmeister, Mathias, Zohrabi, Farzaneh2022-06The Astronomical JournalNIRI+ALTAIR/MAROON-X/ZorroLP/UH

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