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The ultracool-field dwarf luminosity-function and space density from the Canada-France Brown Dwarf SurveyReylé, C., Delorme, P., Willott, C. J., Albert, L., Delfosse, X., Forveille, T., Artigau, E., Malo, L., Hill, G. J., and Doyon, R.2010-11Astronomy & AstrophysicsGNIRSCA
The type IIb SN 2008ax: the nature of the progenitorCrockett, R. M., Eldridge, J. J., Smartt, S. J., Pastorello, A., Gal-Yam, A., Fox, D. B., Leonard, D. C., Kasliwal, M. M., Mattila, S., Maund, J. R., Stephens, A. W., and Danziger, I. J.2008-11Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyNIRI+ALTAIRUK/US
The Type II-P Supernova 2017eaw: from explosion to the nebular phaseSzalai, Tamás, Vinkó, József, Könyves-Tóth, Réka, Nagy, Andrea P., Bostroem, K. Azalee, Sárneczky, Krisztián, Brown, Peter J., Pejcha, Ondrej, Bódi, Attila, Cseh, Borbála, Csörnyei, Géza, Dencs, Zoltán, Hanyecz, Ottó, Ignácz, Bernadett, Kalup, Csilla, Kriskovics, Levente, Ordasi, András, Pál, András, Seli, Bálint, Sódor, Ádám, Szakáts, Róbert, Vida, Krisztián, Zsidi, Gabriella, Arcavi, Iair, Ashall, Chris, Burke, Jamison, Galbany, Lluís, Hiramatsu, Daichi, Hosseinzadeh, Griffin, Hsiao, Eric Y., Howell, D. Andrew, McCully, Curtis, Moran, Shane, Rho, Jeonghee, Sand, David J., Shahbandeh, Melissa, Valenti, Stefano, Wang, Xiaofeng, Wheeler, J. Craig2019-05The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-NUS
The Type II supernova SN 2020jfo in M 61, implications for progenitor system, and explosion dynamicsSollerman, J., Yang, S., Schulze, S., Strotjohann, N. L., Jerkstrand, A., Van Dyk, S. D., Kool, E. C., Barbarino, C., Brink, T. G., Bruch, R., De, K., Filippenko, A. V., Fremling, C., Patra, K. C., Perley, D., Yan, L., Yang, Y., Andreoni, I., Campbell, R., Coughlin, M., Kasliwal, M., Kim, Y. -L., Rigault, M., Shin, K., Tzanidakis, A., Ashley, M. C. B., Moore, A. M., Travouillon, T.2021-11Astronomy & AstrophysicsGMOS-NLTP
The Type II superluminous SN 2008es at late times: near-infrared excess and circumstellar interactionBhirombhakdi, Kornpob, Chornock, Ryan, Miller, Adam A., Filippenko, Alexei V., Cenko, S. Bradley, Smith, Nathan2019-09Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical SocietyNIRI/GMOS-NUS
The Type Icn SN 2021csp: Implications for the Origins of the Fastest Supernovae and the Fates of Wolf-Rayet StarsPerley, Daniel A., Sollerman, Jesper, Schulze, Steve, Yao, Yuhan, Fremling, Christoffer, Gal-Yam, Avishay, Ho, Anna Y. Q., Yang, Yi, Kool, Erik C., Irani, Ido, Yan, Lin, Andreoni, Igor, Baade, Dietrich, Bellm, Eric C., Brink, Thomas G., Chen, Ting-Wan, Cikota, Aleksandar, Coughlin, Michael W., Dahiwale, Aishwarya, Dekany, Richard, Duev, Dmitry A., Filippenko, Alexei V., Hoeflich, Peter, Kasliwal, Mansi M., Kulkarni, S. R., Lunnan, Ragnhild, Masci, Frank J., Maund, Justyn R., Medford, Michael S., Riddle, Reed, Rosnet, Philippe, Shupe, David L., Strotjohann, Nora Linn, Tzanidakis, Anastasios, Zheng, WeiKang2022-03The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-NLTP
The Type Ia Supernova Rate in Radio and Infrared Galaxies from the Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope Supernova Legacy SurveyGraham, M. L., Pritchet, C. J., Sullivan, M., Howell, D. A., Gwyn, S. D. J., Astier, P., Balland, C., Basa, S., Carlberg, R. G., Conley, A., Fouchez, D., Guy, J., Hardin, D., Hook, I. M., Pain, R., Perrett, K., Regnault, N., Rich, J., Balam, D., Fabbro, S., Hsiao, E. Y., Mourao, A., Palanque-Delabrouille, N., Perlmutter, S., Ruhlman-Kleider, V., Suzuki, N., Fakhouri, H. K., and Walker, E. S.2010-02The Astronomical JournalGMOS-N/GMOS-SUK/CA/US
The Type Ia Supernova Rate at z~0.5 from the Supernova Legacy SurveyNeill, J. D.; Sullivan, M.; Balam, D.; Pritchet, C. J.; Howell, D. A.; Perrett, K.; Astier, P.; Aubourg, E.; Basa, S.; Carlberg, R. G.; Conley, A.; Fabbro, S.; Fouchez, D.; Guy, J.; Hook, I.; Pain, R.; Palanque-Delabrouille, N.; Regnault, N.; Rich, J.; Taillet, R.; Aldering, G.; Antilogus, P.; Arsenijevic, V.; Balland, C.; Baumont, S.; Bronder, J.; Ellis, R. S.; Filiol, M.; Gonçalves, A. C.; Hardin, D.; Kowalski, M.; Lidman, C.; Lusset, V.; Mouchet, M.; Mourao, A.; Perlmutter, S.; Ripoche, P.; Schlegel, D.; Tao, C.2006-09The Astronomical JournalGMOS-N/GMOS-SUK/CA/US
The Type I Superluminous Supernova PS16aqv: Lightcurve Complexity and Deep Limits on Radioactive Ejecta in a Fast EventBlanchard, P. K., Nicholl, M., Berger, E., Chornock, R., Margutti, R., Milisavljevic, D., Fong, W., MacLeod, C., Bhirombhakdi, K.2018-09The Astrophysical JournalGMOS-NFT/US
The two rings of (50000) QuaoarPereira, C. L.; Sicardy, B. ; Morgado, B. E.; Braga-Ribas, F.; Fernández-Valenzuela, E. ; Souami, D.; Holler, B. J.; Boufleur, R. C. ; Margoti, G.; Assafin, M.; Ortiz, J. L.; Santos-Sanz, P.; Epinat, B.; Kervella, P.; Desmars, J.; Vieira-Martins, R.; Kilic, Y.; Gomes Júnior, A. R.; Camargo, J. I. B.; Emilio, M. ; Vara-Lubiano, M. ; Kretlow, M. ; Albert, L.; Alcock, C.; Ball, J. G. ; Bender, K. ; Buie, M. W. ; Butterfield, K. ; Camarca, M. ; Castro-Chacón, J. H.; Dunford, R. ; Fisher, R. S.; Gamble, D. ; Geary, J. C. ; Gnilka, C. L. ; Green, K. D.; Hartman, Z. D. ; Huang, C. -K.; Januszewski, H. ; Johnston, J. ; Kagitani, M. ; Kamin, R. ; Kavelaars, J. J.; Keller, J. M. ; de Kleer, K. R.; Lehner, M. J.; Luken, A. ; Marchis, F.; Marlin, T. ; McGregor, K.; Nikitin, V. ; Nolthenius, R. ; Patrick, C. ; Redfield, S.; Rengstorf, A. W.; Reyes-Ruiz, M.; Seccull, T.; Skrutskie, M. F. ; Smith, A. B. ; Sproul, M.; Stephens, A. W.; Szentgyorgyi, A.; Sánchez-Sanjuán, S.; Tatsumi, E.; Verbiscer, A.; Wang, S. -Y. ; Yoshida, F.; Young, R. ; Zhang, Z. -W.2023-05Astronomy & AstrophysicsAlopekeDD
The triaxial ellipsoid size, density, and rotational pole of asteroid (16) Psyche from Keck and Gemini AO observations 2004-2015Drummond, Jack D., Merline, William J., Carry, Benoit, Conrad, Al, Reddy, Vishnu, Tamblyn, Peter, Chapman, Clark R., Enke, Brian L., Pater, Imke de, Kleer, Katherine de, Christou, Julian, Dumas, Christophe2018-05IcarusNIRI+ALTAIRUS
The Three-Dimensional Structure of HH 32 from GMOS IFU SpectroscopyBeck, T. L., Riera, A., Raga, A. C., and Aspin, C.2004-01The Astronomical JournalGMOS-NSV
The Three-dimensional Orbit, Orbital Parallax, and Individual Masses of the Double-lined Spectroscopic Binaries HD 183255, HD 114882, and HD 30712Docobo, J. A., Campo, P. P., Gomez, J., Horch, Elliott P.2018-11The Astronomical JournalDSSIUS
The TEXES Survey for H2 Emission from Protoplanetary DisksBitner, M. A., Richter, M. J., Lacy, J. H., Herczeg, G. J., Greathouse, T. K., Jaffe, D. T., Salyk, C., Blake, G. A., Hollenbach, D. J., Doppmann, G. W., Najita, J. R., and Currie, T.2008-12The Astrophysical JournalTEXESUS/SV
The TESS-Keck Survey. XI. Mass Measurements for Four Transiting Sub-Neptunes Orbiting K Dwarf TOI-1246Turtelboom, Emma V., Weiss, Lauren M., Dressing, Courtney D., Nowak, Grzegorz, Pallé, Enric, Beard, Corey, Blunt, Sarah, Brinkman, Casey, Chontos, Ashley, Claytor, Zachary R., Dai, Fei, Dalba, Paul A., Giacalone, Steven, Gonzales, Erica, Harada, Caleb K., Hill, Michelle L., Holcomb, Rae, Korth, Judith, Lubin, Jack, Masseron, Thomas, MacDougall, Mason, Mayo, Andrew W., Močnik, Teo, Akana Murphy, Joseph M., Polanski, Alex S., Rice, Malena, Rubenzahl, Ryan A., Scarsdale, Nicholas, Stassun, Keivan G., Tyler, Dakotah B., Zandt, Judah Van, Crossfield, Ian J. M., Deeg, Hans J., Fulton, Benjamin, Gandolfi, Davide, Howard, Andrew W., Huber, Dan, Isaacson, Howard, Kane, Stephen R., Lam, Kristine W. F., Luque, Rafael, Martín, Eduardo L., Morello, Giuseppe, Orell-Miquel, Jaume, Petigura, Erik A., Robertson, Paul, Roy, Arpita, Van Eylen, Vincent, Baker, David, Belinski, Alexander A., Bieryla, Allyson, Ciardi, David R., Collins, Karen A., Cutting, Neil, Della-Rose, Devin J., Ellingsen, Taylor B., Furlan, E., Gan, Tianjun, Gnilka, Crystal L., Guerra, Pere, Howell, Steve B., Jimenez, Mary, Latham, David W., Larivière, Maude, Lester, Kathryn V., Lillo-Box, Jorge, Luker, Lindy, Mann, Christopher R., Plavchan, Peter P., Safonov, Boris, Skinner, Brett, Strakhov, Ivan A., Wittrock, Justin M., Caldwell, Douglas A., Essack, Zahra, Jenkins, Jon M., Quintana, Elisa V., Ricker, George R., Vanderspek, Roland, Seager, S., Winn, Joshua N.2022-06The Astronomical JournalAlopekeLP
The TESS-Keck Survey. VIII. Confirmation of a Transiting Giant Planet on an Eccentric 261 Day Orbit with the Automated Planet Finder TelescopeDalba, Paul A., Kane, Stephen R., Dragomir, Diana, Villanueva, Steven, Collins, Karen A., Jacobs, Thomas Lee, LaCourse, Daryll M., Gagliano, Robert, Kristiansen, Martti H., Omohundro, Mark, Schwengeler, Hans M., Terentev, Ivan A., Vanderburg, Andrew, Fulton, Benjamin, Isaacson, Howard, Van Zandt, Judah, Howard, Andrew W., Thorngren, Daniel P., Howell, Steve B., Batalha, Natalie M., Chontos, Ashley, Crossfield, Ian J. M., Dressing, Courtney D., Huber, Daniel, Petigura, Erik A., Robertson, Paul, Roy, Arpita, Weiss, Lauren M., Behmard, Aida, Beard, Corey, Brinkman, Casey L., Giacalone, Steven, Hill, Michelle L., Lubin, Jack, Mayo, Andrew W., Močnik, Teo, Akana Murphy, Joseph M., Polanski, Alex S., Rice, Malena, Rosenthal, Lee J., Rubenzahl, Ryan A., Scarsdale, Nicholas, Turtelboom, Emma V., Tyler, Dakotah, Benni, Paul, Boyce, Pat, Esposito, Thomas M., Girardin, E., Laloum, Didier, Lewin, Pablo, Mann, Christopher R., Marchis, Franck, Schwarz, Richard P., Srdoc, Gregor, Steuer, Jana, Sivarani, Thirupathi, Unni, Athira, Eisner, Nora L., Fetherolf, Tara, Li, Zhexing, Yao, Xinyu, Pepper, Joshua, Ricker, George R., Vanderspek, Roland, Latham, David W., Seager, S., Winn, Joshua N., Jenkins, Jon M., Burke, Christopher J., Eastman, Jason D., Lund, Michael B., Rodriguez, David R., Rowden, Pamela, Ting, Eric B., Villaseñor, Jesus Noel2022-02The Astronomical JournalAlopekeUS
The TESS-Keck Survey. VI. Two Eccentric Sub-Neptunes Orbiting HIP-97166MacDougall, Mason G., Petigura, Erik A., Angelo, Isabel, Lubin, Jack, Batalha, Natalie M., Beard, Corey, Behmard, Aida, Blunt, Sarah, Brinkman, Casey, Chontos, Ashley, Crossfield, Ian J. M., Dai, Fei, Dalba, Paul A., Dressing, Courtney, Fulton, Benjamin, Giacalone, Steven, Hill, Michelle L., Howard, Andrew W., Huber, Daniel, Isaacson, Howard, Kane, Stephen R., Mayo, Andrew, Močnik, Teo, Akana Murphy, Joseph M., Polanski, Alex, Rice, Malena, Robertson, Paul, Rosenthal, Lee J., Roy, Arpita, Rubenzahl, Ryan A., Scarsdale, Nicholas, Turtelboom, Emma, Zandt, Judah Van, Weiss, Lauren M., Matthews, Elisabeth, Jenkins, Jon M., Latham, David W., Ricker, George R., Seager, S., Vanderspek, Roland K., Winn, Joshua N., Brasseur, C. E., Doty, John, Fausnaugh, Michael, Guerrero, Natalia, Henze, Chris, Lund, Michael B., Shporer, Avi2021-12The Astronomical JournalNIRI+ALTAIRLP
The TESS-Keck Survey. II. An Ultra-short-period Rocky Planet and Its Siblings Transiting the Galactic Thick-disk Star TOI-561 Weiss, Lauren M.; Dai, Fei; Huber, Daniel; Brewer, John M.; Collins, Karen A.; Ciardi, David R.; Matthews, Elisabeth C.; Ziegler, Carl; Howell, Steve B.; Batalha, Natalie M.; Crossfield, Ian J. M.; Dressing, Courtney; Fulton, Benjamin; Howard, Andrew W.; Isaacson, Howard; Kane, Stephen R.; Petigura, Erik A.; Robertson, Paul; Roy, Arpita; Rubenzahl, Ryan A. Twicken, Joseph D.; Claytor, Zachary R.; Stassun, Keivan G.; MacDougall, Mason G.; Chontos, Ashley; Giacalone, Steven; Dalba, Paul A.; Mocnik, Teo; Hill, Michelle L.; Beard, Corey; Akana Murphy, Joseph M.; Rosenthal, Lee J.; Behmard, Aida; Van Zandt, Judah; Lubin, Jack; Kosiarek, Molly R.; Lund, Michael B.; Christiansen, Jessie L.; Matson, Rachel A.; Beichman, Charles A.; Schlieder, Joshua E.; Gonzales, Erica J.; Briceño, César; Law, Nicholas; Mann, Andrew W.; Collins, Kevin I.; Evans, Phil; Fukui, Akihiko; Jensen, Eric L. N.; Murgas, Felipe; Narita, Norio; Palle, Enric; Parviainen, Hannu; Schwarz, Richard P.; Tan, Thiam-Guan; Acton, Jack S.; Bryant, Edward M.; Chaushev, Alexander; Gill, Sam; Eigmüller, Philipp; Jenkins, Jon; Ricker, George; Seager, Sara; Winn, Joshua N.2021-02The Astronomical JournalNIRI+ALTAIRLP
The TESS Grand Unified Hot Jupiter Survey. II. Twenty New Giant PlanetsYee, Samuel W., Winn, Joshua N., Hartman, Joel D., Bouma, Luke G., Zhou, George, Quinn, Samuel N., Latham, David W., Bieryla, Allyson, Rodriguez, Joseph E., Collins, Karen A., Alfaro, Owen, Barkaoui, Khalid, Beard, Corey, Belinski, Alexander A., Benkhaldoun, Zouhair, Benni, Paul, Bernacki, Krzysztof, Boyle, Andrew W., Butler, R. Paul, Caldwell, Douglas A., Chontos, Ashley, Christiansen, Jessie L., Ciardi, David R., Collins, Kevin I., Conti, Dennis M., Crane, Jeffrey D., Daylan, Tansu, Dressing, Courtney D., Eastman, Jason D., Essack, Zahra, Evans, Phil, Everett, Mark E., Fajardo-Acosta, Sergio, Forés-Toribio, Raquel, Furlan, Elise, Ghachoui, Mourad, Gillon, Michaël, Hellier, Coel, Helm, Ian, Howard, Andrew W., Howell, Steve B., Isaacson, Howard, Jehin, Emmanuel, Jenkins, Jon M., Jensen, Eric L. N., Kielkopf, John F., Laloum, Didier, Leonhardes-Barboza, Naunet, Lewin, Pablo, Logsdon, Sarah E., Lubin, Jack, Lund, Michael B., MacDougall, Mason G., Mann, Andrew W., Maslennikova, Natalia A., Massey, Bob, McLeod, Kim K., Muñoz, Jose A., Newman, Patrick, Orlov, Valeri, Plavchan, Peter, Popowicz, Adam, Pozuelos, Francisco J., Pritchard, Tyler A., Radford, Don J., Reefe, Michael, Ricker, George R., Rudat, Alexander, Safonov, Boris S., Schwarz, Richard P., Schweiker, Heidi, Scott, Nicholas J., Seager, S., Shectman, Stephen A., Stockdale, Chris, Tan, Thiam-Guan, Teske, Johanna K., Thomas, Neil B., Timmermans, Mathilde, Vanderspek, Roland, Vermilion, David, Watanabe, David, Weiss, Lauren M., West, Richard G., Van Zandt, Judah, Zejmo, Michal, Ziegler, Carl2023-03The Astrophysical Journal Supplement SeriesAlopeke/ZorroLP
The TESS Grand Unified Hot Jupiter Survey. I. Ten TESS PlanetsYee, Samuel W., Winn, Joshua N., Hartman, Joel D., Rodriguez, Joseph E., Zhou, George, Quinn, Samuel N., Latham, David W., Bieryla, Allyson, Collins, Karen A., Addison, Brett C., Angelo, Isabel, Barkaoui, Khalid, Benni, Paul, Boyle, Andrew W., Brahm, Rafael, Butler, R. Paul, Ciardi, David R., Collins, Kevin I., Conti, Dennis M., Crane, Jeffrey D., Dai, Fei, Dressing, Courtney D., Eastman, Jason D., Essack, Zahra, Forés-Toribio, Raquel, Furlan, Elise, Gan, Tianjun, Giacalone, Steven, Gill, Holden, Girardin, Eric, Henning, Thomas, Henze, Christopher E., Hobson, Melissa J., Horner, Jonathan, Howard, Andrew W., Howell, Steve B., Huang, Chelsea X., Isaacson, Howard, Jenkins, Jon M., Jensen, Eric L. N., Jordán, Andrés, Kane, Stephen R., Kielkopf, John F., Lasota, Slawomir, Levine, Alan M., Lubin, Jack, Mann, Andrew W., Massey, Bob, McLeod, Kim K., Mengel, Matthew W., Muñoz, Jose A., Murgas, Felipe, Palle, Enric, Plavchan, Peter, Popowicz, Adam, Radford, Don J., Ricker, George R., Rowden, Pamela, Safonov, Boris S., Savel, Arjun B., Schwarz, Richard P., Seager, S., Sefako, Ramotholo, Shporer, Avi, Srdoc, Gregor, Strakhov, Ivan S., Teske, Johanna K., Tinney, C. G., Tyler, Dakotah, Wittenmyer, Robert A., Zhang, Hui, Ziegler, Carl2022-08The Astronomical JournalAlopeke/ZorroLP

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