The observing team at Gemini keeps a detailed log of each night's science observing, also noting weather issues, technical faults and any time spent in planned engineering. It is read by Gemini staff early each morning. A summary of the night is written at the end of observing and included at the top of each night log. That summary is posted here, unedited, to give interested users a feel for what we're doing.

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Jan 23, 2018 We expect another clear night with CC50. Plan to execute queue programs scheduled in IQ70 and IQ85. The sky condition started with IQANY/IQ85, and settled to IQ70 in the 2nd half of the night. We successfully finished a series of IQ85/IQ70 programs as planned including a high priority program, 17B-Q-6.
Jan 22, 2018 A clear sky is expected tonight. Plan to observe the normal queue programs scheduled under CC50/IQ70 & CC50/IQ85. The weather condition was not steady through the night. High humidity at the beginning of the night, wind speed got stronger at the end of the night. Several queue programs scheduled under CC50/IQ85 were observed.
Jan 21, 2018 Plan to finish the Korean PV program (17B-Q-46 GMOS/MOS) along with scheduled normal queue programs (CC50/IQ70; CC50/IQ85). We expect a clear sky throughout the night. Another successful night! The sky condition was mostly in IQ85, occasionally in IQ70. We finished the Korean PV program 17B-Q-46 along with several normal queue programs planned under the CC50/IQ85 plan.
Jan 20, 2018 Continuing the remaining Korean PV program (Q-46; GMOS/MOS) with the planned normal queue programs. The weather is expected great through the night. Overall we had a clear sky throughout the night although the sky conditions were IQ85 occasionally in the middle of the night. We finished an observation for one target of Korean PV run (17B-Q-46-[158]) along with three targets from the normal queue programs (17B-Q-7, Q-58, and LP-10).
Jan 19, 2018 This is the first night for the 17B Korean PV observing block. Planning to start the night with the scheduled normal queue programs, and move onto the Korean programs 17B-Q-45 (F2 program) & 17B-Q-46 (GMOS/MOS). We expect a clear night with good seeing. It was a beautiful dark and clear night, with stable IQ70/IQ20 conditions. We observed two Band 1 programs and two Band 2 from the Korean PV.
Jan 18, 2018 Tonight we have normal queue with GMOS and F2. We expect a clear sky and good seeing most of the night. This was a very productive dark night with CC50/IQ70. We had 30 minutes of IQ85 at the beginning of the night but it went back to IQ70 until sunrise. We also had occasional IQ20 but it didn't last long. We observed four Band 1 programs, including the high priority DD-10 (completed) and one SToO.
Jan 17, 2018 This is a normal queue night with GMOS and F2 on dark time. The forecast is for clear skies and very good seeing. Very productive night despite the problem with IRAF/Pyraf/Ds9 on sbfcon02. It started on IQ85 until 2am, then it was solid IQ70 for the rest of the night. We observed two SToO, we completed one program and we made very good progress on one rollover program. All four of them are Band-1 programs.
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