Sandy Leggett

Tenured Astronomer | Operations - GN Science Ops

Current Research

  • Optical through mid-infrared studies of very low-mass stars and brown dwarfs.
  • Optical through mid-infrared studies of the old, cold, evolved white dwarfs.
  • Near-infrared photometric calibration.

Current Support

  • Head of Gemini North Science Operations
  • Core queue coordinator


CV and Publications (September 2012)


T6+ and Y Dwarf Data:


2012 compilation of izYJHKL'M' (MKO), [3.6][4.5][5.8][8.0] (IRAC) and WISE photometry for a sample of T6+ and Y dwarfs is available as an ascii data file. Refer to the Leggett et al. 2013 preprint. The model data presented as Table 3 and Table 4 in that paper are also available. Leggett et al. 2013 must be cited, as well as Saumon. D. and Marley M. S. 2008, ApJ, 689, 1327 and Morley, C. V., Fortney, J. J., Marley, M. S., Visscher, C., Saumon, D. and Leggett, S. K. 2012, ApJ, 756, 172, when publishing or presenting these data.

Atmospheric model data and links to evolutionary models are available at Caroline Morley's page.


L and T Dwarf Data:

2010 Compilation of YJHKL'M' (MKO) and [3.6][4.5][5.8][8.0] (IRAC) photometry for a selection of M, L and T dwarfs is available as an ascii tab delimited file or as an excel spreadsheet. Refer to the README file and the publication Leggett et al. 2010 ApJ 710, 1627.


Leggett L and T dwarf data archive (2004-2006 near-infrared spectra and iz(SDSS)JHKL'M'(MKO) photometry)

Kirkpatrick, Gelino & Burgasser L and T dwarf archive

Burgasser T Dwarf Spectral Repository

The IRTF Spectral Library (stars, L and T dwarfs, planets)


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