Ruben Diaz

Instrument Program Scientist | Operations - GS Science Ops

Current Research

  • Galaxies: evolution, dynamics, kinematics, morphology, modeling.
  • AGN: 3D spectroscopy, fueling mechanisms, variability.
  • Interstellar Medium: planetary nebulae, distribution, spectroscopy.
Ruben is member of the National Research Council (CONICET), Argentina.

Current Support

  • Member of the Development group and the Optical and NIR instrument support groups.
  • Member of the commissioning team of Flamingos 2, as deputy instrument scientist.
  • Multi-instrument observer (optical, near and mid-infrared instruments).

Past roles as: 
  • Member of the Gemini Time Allocation Committee.
  • Member of the Science Fellow-Astronomers Recruiting Committee.
  • Visiting Students Coordinator.
  • Gemini South Science Queue Coordinator. 

Recent Publications

  • Publications listed at ADS:

  • Refereed publications:

  • Refereed publications including Gemini observations:


  • Former PhD Students directed or co-directed, Drs.:

G. Gimeno, thesis 2008, now at Gemini Observatory.
G. Gunthardt, thesis 2008, now at University of La Serena.
D. Mast, thesis 2009, now at German-Spain Observatory CAHA.
W. Weidmann, thesis 2009, now at UNC and CONICET.
M. Aguero, thesis 2010, now at ICATE-CONICET.
  • Present students, Lics.: J. Camperi and G. Gaspar (UNC).

Ruben Diaz has the role of Instrument Program Scientist at Gemini Observatory. He obtained a PhD in astronomy in August 2004 at the National University of Cordoba, under Profs. Horacio Dottori (Brazil) and Gustavo Carranza (Argentina). He  worked several years at Cordoba Observatory as teacher, also in charge of the Public Outreach Brand and in charge of the Bosque Alegre Telescope, where he commissioned the first multipupil integral field spectrograph of the Southern Hemisphere.

Wile at Gemini, Ruben is on-leave from a position as researcher of CONICET in Argentina.  He leads a research team of his former and present PhD students at the National University of Cordoba. His research interests are broadly extended in extragalactic astronomy, and recently focused in the fueling mechanisms of activity in galaxies. 



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