Bryan Miller

Astronomer | Operations - GS Science Ops

Current Research

  • Stellar populations and star formation histories of dwarf galaxies
  • Abundances in extragalactic HII regions
  • Globular cluster systems of dwarf galaxies
  • Globular cluster systems of merging galaxies
  • Galaxy dynamics and stellar populations using integral field spectroscopy

Current Support

  • Lead Scientist for Science Operations Development
    • Coordination and development of the software development process
    • Long-range planning of high-level software work
    • Software testing
    • Maintenance of web pages for software tools and the observing process
  • Program Scientist for transition software projects
  • Project Scientist for the OCS Infrastructure Project

Recent Publications

Selected refereed publications from 2004 to present

  • Seth, A., Olsen, K. A. G., Miller, B., Lotz, J., & Telford, R. 2004, Star Clusters in Virgo and Fornax Dwarf Irregular Galaxies, AJ,
    127, 798
  • Olsen, K. A. G., Miller, B. W., Suntzeff, N. B., Schommer, R. A., & Bright, J. 2004, The Globular Cluster Systems of the Sculptor Group, AJ, 127, 2674
  • Emsellem, E., et al. 2004, The SAURON project -III. Integral-field absorption-line kinematics of 48 elliptical and lenticular galaxies, MNRAS, 352, 721
  • Lotz, J. M., Miller, B. W., & Ferguson, H. C. 2004, The Colors of Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy Globular Cluster Systems, Nuclei, and Stellar Halos, ApJ, 613, 262
  • Gerssen, J., Allington-Smith, J., Miller, B. W., Turner, J. E., Walker, A., 2006, GMOS IFU Observations of the Stellar and Gaseous Kinematics in the Centre of NGC 1068, MNRAS, 365, 29
  • Trancho, G., Bastian, N., Schweizer, F.,  & Miller, B. W. 2007, Gemini Spectroscopic Survey of Young Star Clusters in Merging/Interacting Galaxies. I. NGC 3256 Tidal Tail Clusters, ApJ, 658, 993
  • Trancho, G., Bastian, N., Miller, B. W., & Schweizer, F. 2007, Gemini Spectroscopic Survey of Young Star Clusters in Merging/Interacting Galaxies. II. NGC 3256 Clusters, ApJ, 664, 284
  • Miller, B. W. & Lotz, M. 2007, The Globular Cluster Luminosity Function and Specific Frequency in Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies, ApJ, 670, 1065
  • Coté, S. Draginda, A., Skillman, E. D., & Miller, B. W. 2009, Star Formation in Dwarf Galaxies of the Nearby Centaurus a Group, AJ, 138, 1037
  • Puzia, T. H., Miller, B. W., Trancho, G., Basarab, B, Mirocha, J. T., & Butler, K. 2013, The Lick-Index Calibration of the Gemini Multi-Object Spectrographs, AJ, accepted (astro-ph, spectra available)
  • Miller, B. W., Lotz, J., Hilker, M., Kissler-Patig, M., Puzia, T. 2013, GMOS Spectroscopy of Globular Clusters in Virgo and Fornax Dwarf Elliptical Galaxies, in preparation

Available software:

  • IDL scripts to correct GMOS spectra for slit losses due to atmospheric refraction (slitcorr) (Puzia et al. 2013)



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