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[Acq Cam image of NGC1097]

Acquisition Camera Filters

The Acquisition Camera contains two filter wheels whose details are summarised here. Although similar to the standard UBVRI filters, some photometric differences might be expected and users are cautioned for those programs that depend on direct comparison with previous observations. We are establishing empirical transformations between the Acquisition Camera instrumental magnitudes and the Johnson-Kron-Cousins system as part of the calibration process (details to follow).

The wavelength interval given in the tables in the interval within which the transmission is larger than 50%. If transmission graphs or data are available, click on the "data" or "plot" label in the tables below to retrieve them. The sky brightness in these filters as a function of lunar phase is given as part of a description of observing condition constraints.

Color Filters

Gemini filter Number Filter name Wavelength
Interval (nm)
Transmission curve Instrument Notes
G0101 U_G0101 -   AcqCam-N (1)
G0102 B_G0102 -   AcqCam-N  
G0103 V_G0103 495 - 625 data, plot AcqCam-N  
G0104 R_G0104 605 - 750 data, plot AcqCam-N  
G0105 I_G0105 725 - 1000+ data, plot AcqCam-N  
G0151 U_G0151 355 - 395 data, plot AcqCam-S (1)
G0152 B_G0152 370 - 480 data, plot AcqCam-S  
G0153 V_G0153 495 - 630 data, plot AcqCam-S  
G0154 R_G0154 610 - 750 data, plot AcqCam-S  
G0155 I_G0155 720 - 1040 data, plot AcqCam-S  

Neutral density Filters

Gemini filter number Filter name Average Transmission Transmission Curve Instrument Notes
G0156 ND001_G0156 0.01% data, plot AcqCam-S (2)
G0157 ND01_G0157 0.1% data, plot AcqCam-S (2)
G0158 ND1_G0158 1% data, plot AcqCam-S (2)
G0159 ND25_G0159 25% data, plot AcqCam-S  

Notes to the table:
(1) Optical path difference (OPD) compensation for the U-band filter is to be determined. The neutral density filters cannot be used with the U filter because they have no transmission within the U passband.
(2) These neutral density filters are yet to be delivered.

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