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Gemini Planet Imager (GPI): Cleared for Shipment to Gemini South!

In a milestone statement distributed moments ago by the GPI Pre-delivery Acceptance Review Committee, Chair Stephen Goodsell announced that GPI is now clear for shipment from the University of California Santa Cruz to Gemini South in Chile.The Committee’s final report is slated for release on July 26th, but a statement sumarizing the results of the review is available now - GPI Review Committee: Final Day Statement  41 KB


Gemini e-Newscast #29 -- March 2, 2011

Quasar feedback measured

Observing databases offline July 26

The Gemini observing databases will be offline for several hours on Tuesday July 26 while we perform software updates.

The latest version of the 2016B Observing Tool (2016B.2.1.1) will be required to access the observing databases after the update. Please synchronize any outgoing changes before the update, as the old OT will not be able to communicate with the new databases.

Gen 4#3 Teams seeking collaboration

Gen 4#3 Teams seeking collaboration

As stated in the RfP: "Gemini encourages collaborations and will provide a forum for those seeking additional partners to complete a team for this work. Groups interested in Gen 4#3 who may lack the expertise needed to complete the work should submit a notice of intent and use our forum to find additional partners for the work."

Gemini Observatory Instrumental in Exoplanet Harvest

Image montage showing the Maunakea Observatories, Kepler Space Telescope, and night sky with K2 Fields and discovered planetary systems (dots) overlaid. An international team of scientists discovered more than 100 planets based on images from Kepler operating in the ‘K2 Mission’.

Gemini Strategic Vision Survey now open

The Gemini Observatory starts focusing on the future, specifically on what Gemini will look like beyond the year 2020. The Gemini Board of Directors has set up a Strategic Vision Committee, whose charge can be found on Gemini’s website. In essence, the Strategic Vision identifies the Observatory’s purpose, direction, and fundamental principles. It directly addresses the role the Observatory will play beyond 2021 and considers a variety of funding and partnership scenarios. By the end of this year, the Strategic Vision will be in place.

Instructions for Designing a MOS Mask

This page gives step-by-step instructions for designing masks for MOS observations with GMOS. The required steps are:

Exploring a Frozen Extrasolar World

July call for proposals

Gemini North and South are accepting proposals for the Fast Turnaround (FT) program. Here, we give information specific to this proposal cycle. Please see the other FT pages - particularly the rules - for general information about the program. FT-specific proposal templates must now be used for all FT proposals; see the "PIT information" section below.

Order-blocking, Acquisition, and Neutral Density Filters

The filters listed below are used during spectroscopy for order-blocking and (with the exceptions of M, L, and XD) for acquisition. For acquisition they provide complete and unvignetted views of the acquisition "keyhole," whose dimensions are shown here.