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Partner Shares 2012

Partner Time Allocation

The expected time allocation to each partner for the current and next semesters is listed in the relevant Call for Proposals.


Partner Time Distribution in 2012

The method for division of telescope time each semester between engineering, instrument Guaranteed Time (GT), campaigns, Science Verification (SV), Observatory host (University of Hawaii or Chile), Director's Discretionary Time, and partner science time is described in the 2013 Partner Shares page. Note that prior to semester 2012A there was a 10% allocation of time for Staff, hence the time available to the six partners (US, UK, CA, AU, BR, AR) in 2012 effectively increased by 5%, compared to pre-12A semesters.

A schematic of the time distribution is given below, right.

The Table below illustrates two example cases of time allocation. In Example 1, 10% of the total available time goes to engineering, and 55 hours goes to GT, campaign and SV time. In Example 2, 14% of the total available time goes to engineering, and 180 hours goes to GT, campaign and SV time. For computational convenience it is assumed that there are 10 hours available per night on average.


Partner Shares Schematic
Partner Nominal Fraction Example 1 Allocation (hours) Example 2 Allocation (hours) Effective Fraction
US 43.91% 643 562 40.84%
UK 22.00% 322 282 20.46%
CA 13.86% 203 177 12.89%
AU 5.72% 84 73 5.32%
BR 2.31% 34 30 2.15%
AR 2.20% 32 28 2.05%
Host (Hawaii/Chile) 10.00% 157 138 10.0%
DDT 7% 99 87 6.3%
GT, campaigns, SV 55 180
Engineering 181 253
Total 1810 1810



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