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Known Bugs

PIT Known Bugs

Known bugs (and workaround, where possible) in the Phase I Tool are described here. Please also read the Frequently Asked Questions / Common Mistakes (FAQ/FMM) page for other possible problems. If you find a new problem, please submit the information via the Gemini HelpDesk.

2013 March 26

There is a bug in PIT 2013.2.1 that prevents the calculation of guide star availabilities for all users. This bug has been fixed with the release of version 2013.2.2.

2012 March 1

There are no known bugs in the 2012A or 2012B PIT releases. However, there is one issue in the 2012B and later PITs. If it is installed in a multi-user environment then a system administrator must make the startup file executable by all users. For OS X this requires editing the package contents to change permissions on the file JavaApplicationStub.


2000 - 2011

Archive of known bugs 2000 - 2011