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Large and Long Programs

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Gemini Observatory announces the opportunity for new Large and Long Programs, with observations beginning in the 2018B semester. Letters of Intent to propose a new Large and Long Program are due February 2, 2018. Completed Proposals are due April 3, 2018. See the current Call for Proposals for further information.


New in 2018!

  • Completion of Large and Long Programs​

Starting with the 2018 LLP proposal cycle, all Band 1 LLPs will be guaranteed a minimum of 80% completion (by time). The policy will not apply to ToO observations that are part of Band 1 LLPs, to Band 2 LLPs, or to any existing LLPs approved in previous cycles. See the LLP Completion Policy for details. 

  • Requirement for Processed Data​

Beginning with the 2018 LLP proposal cycle, all new large programs will be required to submit processed data to the Gemini Observatory Archive (GOA) within one year of the original planned end date of the program as stated in the proposal. The data will be required to be in the FITS format, and contain header metadata such that it is searchable within the GOA. Programs will also be required to submit documentation detailing the data reduction procedure and describing the data provided A document containing the detailed requirements on delivering processed data products to the Observatory is now available . We encourage potential PIs with questions about this requirement to email

  • Subaru Intensive Programs​

PIs from LLP participating partners are invited to submit proposals for Subaru Intensive programs to Gemini through the Gemini-Subaru time exchange program. Subaru Intensive programs applications follow the same rules and eligibility used for the Gemini Large and Long Programs (LLPs). The request of Subaru Intensive program must be clearly stated in the title of the proposal. At most, one proposal will be selected for observations beginning in 2018B. Subaru reserves the right to reject this program if it cannot be reasonably accommodated in the Subaru schedule.

  • Argentina no longer participating in Large and Long Programs​

Argentina will no longer be a participating partner in the Large and Long Programs beginning with the 2018 proposal cycle. Principal Investigators from Argentinian institutions are no longer eligible to submit LLP proposals, but are welcome to participate in LLPs as Co-Investigators

Large and Long Programs at Gemini Observatory

Large and long programs (hereafter "large programs" or LLPs) are Principal Investigator-defined and -driven programs that, as a guideline, either require significantly more time than a partner typically approves for a single program or extend over two to six semesters, or both. Large programs are expected to promote collaborations across the partnership's communities, to have significant scientific impact, and normally to provide a homogeneous data set, potentially for more general use. Proposals for Large and Long programs will be accepted annually.

The participating partners (US and Canada) will make available for LLPs up to 20% of their time at each Gemini telescope over each of the next 6 semesters from the start of LLP execution. Principal Investigators (PIs) of LLPs must be based in an institution of one of the participating partner countries. There is no restriction on Co-Investigators. Potential investigators shall be encouraged to collaborate across the participating partnership. The LLPs are designed to enable large multi-partner collaboration programs and/or programs running across multiple semesters to be reviewed within a single time allocation process.

PIs who propose for LLPs have additional requirements, including submission of a letter of intent, development of a management and data plan, and consideration of added value to the astronomical community through data products, software, or other outcomes; Successful PIs must additionally report on their progress annually. Beginning with newly accepted LLPs in 2018, each program will be required to deliver processed data within one year of the end of the original LLP term, to be hosted on the Gemini Observatory Archive.


Questions and Answers

All questions concerning proposals, or any other subject, should be made using the Gemini HelpDesk. This web-based system will send the request to your National Gemini Office staff in the first instance who will then escalate it to Gemini staff if necessary.

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