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OWG Target of Opportunity Resolutions for Semester 2011A

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  • Programs with both rapid and standard ToO follow up should identify the fraction of time devoted to rapid vs. standard, and specify appropriate conditions for both parts of the program. Conditions of "any any any any" may not be appropriate for all Rapid ToOs. Revised by the OWG for 2011B to: proposals for Rapid Target of Opportunity (RToO) followup must submit a separate proposal for Standard Target of Opportunity followup (SToO) in conditions better than SB/CC/IQ=Any, if such followup is planned. Upgrades to good conditions will not be approved for RToO programs, and the SToO proposal is required if such conditions are necessary for later followup. This change is necessary for accurate filling of the queue, as ToO programs now make up a large fraction of the Observatory band 1 time.
  • For the purpose of optimizing the queue planning as well as the use of ToO time, the OpsWG agrees that (1) PIs who know the RA(s) of their target triggers should include this information in their phaseI, so that it can be taken into account for the queue filling; (2) PIs of programs with triggers expected throughout the semester are requested to use no more than half the time in the last 2 months of the semester, and that the Observatory may take this into account when deciding on queue priorities; (3) unexecuted ToO triggers that were triggered with less than 4 weeks of queue nights remaining in the semester may be excluded from the Observatory's calculation of the completion percentage for ToO programs.
  • ToO transients requiring followup on timescales shorter than a month are not appropriate for Band 3.

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