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Data Rights and Distribution

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Data Rights and Proprietary Periods

All data taken with the Gemini telescopes is the property of Gemini Observatory. PIs of Gemini programs are allowed exclusive access to the pixel data for their programs for a default proprietary period as listed in the table below.  After the proprietary period the data are publicly available. All baseline calibration data (usually arcs, flats, and standard stars) are publicly available immediately. The proprietary period for system verification and demo science data is usually a few months but can vary, see the specific call for proposals for details.

Metadata for programs, including the title, investigators, abstract, and FITS headers, is public. In special cases, such as for multi-year campaigns, the FITS headers may be made private until the end of the proprietary period.

Changes to the proprietary period can be requested in the Experimental Design section of the proposal or by contacting the appropriate Head of Science Operations for existing programs.

Program/Data Type Proprietary Period
Baseline calibration None
System Verification/Demo Science 2-3 months (see call)
Fast Turnaround 6 months
All other (e.g. Queue/Classical/LLP/Director's Time/Poor Weather) 12 months
Competitive Target of Opportunity (Queue program) 12 months, data may be shared - See the Policy Page
Competitive Target of Opportunity (DD program) May vary - See the Policy Page

Data Distribution

All Gemini raw data some processed data are distributed via the Gemini Observatory Archive. Raw data files from facility instruments usually appear in the archive within a few minutes of being taken. During the proprietary period PIs may access their data using the Gemini program key provided in the time acceptance email. A calibration association service is provided for identifying the appropriate calibration files. The archive also provides program abstracts, observing logs, and links to publications based on the data.

More information on data assessment, the archive, and data reduction software can be found on the Data and Results page.

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