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T-ReCS Diffraction Gratings

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T-ReCS contains three diffraction gratings and an optical flat mounted on a rotating turret. Each diffraction grating is used in first order.

Name Lines/mm Blaze wavelength
Rmax1 Dispersion
Wavelength coverage
Lo-Res-10_G5401 11 10.1 113 22.13 whole window, limited by filter
(normally N)
Lo-Res-20_G5402 7 21.9 78 33 whole window, limited by filter
(normally Q broad)
Hi-Res-10_G5403 90 10.4 1161 ~3 2 0.94

1 Resolution at the grating blaze wavelength using the narrowest (0.21") slit
2 HiRes-10 dispersion varies significantly over the 8 - 13 micron window

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