Scientifically Approved NIRSPEC programs for Semester 2001B

The approved programs for Gemini/NIRSPEC 2001B time on November 19-21, 2001 are listed below, along with the name and institution of the p.i., the countries of the p.i. and others on the proposal, and the proposal code. Because of time constraints it is likely that some of these programs will not be observed. If additional time is available other programs will be considered

Title P.I./Institution/countries)
152s_e He 10830 in pre-main sequence stars S. Edwards / Smith College / USA
Hydrocarbons in Titan T. Geballe / Gemini
156t_g C-H stretch overtone T. Geballe / Gemini
157scb 16O/17O in halo giants S. Balachandran / Univ. Maryland / USA
158bjh UIR bands in protoplanetary nebulae B.J. Hrivnak / Valparaiso Univ. / USA (+Canada)
159k_n Methane transition in brown dwarfs K. Noll/ STScI / USA
160j_m O in metal-poor stars J. Melendez / Inst Astron e Geofis. / Brasil
162j_n Brown dwarfs and superplanets J. Najita / NOAO / USA
165s_l Brown dwarf secondary in a CV S.Littlefair / UK
166rih Companion to Black hole x-ray transient R.I. Hynes / Univ. Southampton / UK (+ Spain)
168mvm O III in lensed galaxy M. Vilar-Martin / Univ. of Hertfordshire / UK (+ESO)
170esp Nuclear regions of the youngest AGN E.S. Perlman / U. Maryland / USA (+Sweden)
171gfl O II in Protocluster environment G.F. Lewis / AAO / Austr, (+ UK, USA, France)
172bvc Boron abundance B.V. Castilho / Lab. Nac. de Astrofis / Brasil
175tsb Stellar kinematics Seyfert nuclei T. Storchi-Bergmann / Inst de Fisica / Brasil (+USA)
176a_c 3-D structure of Mg II QSO absorber A. Crotts / Columbia Univ. / USA
177x_f z=4.7 quasar withour UV emission X. Fan / StScI / USA
178x_f C IV in z=5.82 quasar X. Fan / StScI / USA
179gps Power source of active ERO's G.P. Smith / UK

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Last update November 14, 2001 Tom Geballe