How Applications are Assessed


Applications are graded on a 0-4 scale and then weighted by the expertise of the assessor, as judged by the assessor, on a 2-4 scale. In general at least three assessors grade each proposal.

The grades are as follows.
4: Excellent
3: Above average
2: Average
1: Below Average
0: Unacceptable

The meanings of these general terms are purposely left vague and are up to the assessor to interpret. In addition to scientific merit, technical feasibility, efficiency, observing time, and appropriateness of the science for an 8-10m class telescope may be considered.

The expertise levels are as follows.
4: Very familiar with the field
3: Somewhat familiar with the field
2: Only a cursory knowledge of field

The final grade is the product of the grades and weights divided by the sum of the weights. For example if assessor A grades a proposal 3 with expertise 4, assessor B grades it 2 with expertise 2, and assessor C grades it 3.5 with an expertise of 3, the final grade is 2.94

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Last update May 15, 2000; Tom Geballe