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NICI Fiber Optic Calibration Source

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The NICI Fiber Optic Calibration Source (FOCS) is a four-position translator mounted at the beam entrance focus of the AO relay. It provides an internal reference sourcefor AO calibration (single-mode fibre) and a pinhole grid for mapping the distortion of thetwo science detectors.

NICI Fiber Optic Calibration Source
Position Description Gemini ID
1 One fiber in the field center for system tests and AO calibration. Also acts as dust cover to AO relay. --
2 40 x 40 grid of 130 µm pinholes for distortion and registration mapping. G...
3 Two fibers in opposite corners of the field. Can be inserted while taking a science image to track the registration of the two arrays. --
4 Open. --

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