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Is NIRI or Hokupa'a/QUIRC Better for Your Science Program?

Two near-IR imagers are offered for use in semester 2001A. The choice of which to use, Hokupa'a/QUIRC in classical mode or NIRI in queue mode, may be driven by the scientific objectives of the program.

The flowchart below offers some guidelines which may help in deciding. Whilst some decisions are immutable, for example the 2.5um wavelength cut-off of QUIRC, others such as the availability of specific filters or the desired image quality require careful consideration of the instrument (NIRI or Hokupa'a + QUIRC) and observing mode (queue or classical) information. Note that the queue must contain observations with a range of conditions, not just those requiring the best image quality.

[imager guideline flowchart]

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Last update August 26, 1999; Phil Puxley