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The bHROS detector currently consists of a single 2048X4608 E3V (formerly EEV) CCD chip. The table below gives a summary of the current detector/controller characteristics

Detector E2V
Pixel format 2048x4068 pixels
Pixel size 13.5 microns square
Pixel sampling 3 pixel FWHM sampling
Readout time 123 seconds (1x1 binning). See observing overheads page for more information.
Dark current* 6 e- per hour

*This includes both traditional CCD dark current and excess background within the instrument enclosure. See the scattered light page for more information.

Read Noise and Gain Values

The table below gives gain/read-noise values for the current bHROS E2V CCD operating with the SDSU controller. Currently, only the recommended gain setting is listed. Full table of read-noise and gain values at all settings, to be added.

Readout Rate Gain Level Gain (e-/DN) Read noise (e- rms)
Fast Low 2.03 6.10
Slow Low 1.86 5.30

Data Format

Data from Gemini facility instruments, including bHROS, are stored as Multi-Extension FITS (MEF) files. More information about the data format and GMOS data examples are available. The image section has an accompanying overscan region 32 pixels wide. When pixel binning is used, the resulting datafile still contains regions that are 32 samples wide.

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Last update August 30, 2006; Steven Margheim