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bHROS Demonstration Science Data

Demonstration Science Program

The bHROS Demonstration Science programs were scheduled for observation from 22-27 August, 2005. Unfortunately, three complete nights were completely lost to weather and weather also impacted part of the remaining three nights. This weather lost significantly affected the completion rate of demonstration science. However, partial data was completed for two programs and is publically available via the Gemini Science Archive. Each of the these programs is summarized below and links to the Gemini Science Archive (where the data can be obtained) are provided.

GS-2005B-SV-301 Profiles of Diffuse Interstellar Bands (DIBs) Adrian Webster
GS-2005B-SV-302 Lithium Isotopic Abundances in Halo Stars Martin Asplund

Sample Extracted Spectrum

A spectrum of HD192879 was obtained as part of the commissioning exercises. The extracted spectrum (available in FITS format) was created from the combination of several individual spectra that have been processed through standard IRAF tasks. However, since this was not intended to be a science-grade spectrum, there were no appropriate flat field exposures and thus this spectrum has not been flat-field corrected. However, this spectrum is useful as an example of the resolution and coverage available with bHROS.


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