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Development Plans

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The Gemini Data Processing Software suite aims to includes data reduction software for all facility instruments. Currently, the publicly available software is the Gemini IRAF package which is organized mostly according to instruments.

As part of the effort to create a Quality Assessment Pipeline and a new platform for user data reduction, we are developing more generic tools able to handle data from multiple instruments. This direction will facilitate long-term maintenance, expedite the development of software for new instruments, and offer a more uniform interface to the user.

The Recipe System, the new platform at the the center of both the QA Pipeline and the new user software is implemented in Python. New tools are being written, and when needed, legacy IRAF software can also be used transparently.

Already the Recipe System is being used internally every night by the QA Pipeline. An limited experimental release was made in 2014.

Here is a list of some on-going projects:


  • QA Pipeline - remaining imaging modes (GNIRS and GSAOI by 2016.
  • GMOS - Compatibility with Hamamatsu CCDs.
  • GHOST data reduction software requirements.

Upcoming releases:


  • Gemini-iraf patch to support new video boards in GMOS-S.
  • Improved GMOS examples.

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