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PI new data notification Emails

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We send automatic emails in the morning following observing to notify PIs and/or Co-Is that new data were taken for their program. This facility is provided by our internal data handling systems. Email addresses to send notifications to are updated from the Observing Database daily. If you would like to add email addresses to receive the notifications, please simply add them to the "PI / PC Email" field in the top level of your Gemini Science Program in the OT and store your program to the database.

Email notifications for data taken during the night go out at 8:00am in the morning following the observing night. The email contains a summary table of all the relevant data files.

These Emails are triggered purely on the presence of science data files from night time observing. These data will not generally have been Quality Assessed, or their metadata validated, at the time the Email notifications go out. Data Quality and FITS header information in these files will be updated as QA proceeds. Data should be retrieved from the Gemini Observatory Archive in the normal manner.

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