Summary Page Help

Once you have completed your proposal, or at any time before, you can view a summary of the information that has been completed by visiting the Summary Page.

Each time the Summary Page is opened, the program will dynamically create the summary. The summary can be saved as an HTML web page using the Save as HTML button at the bottom of the form and viewed with a browser (e.g. Netscape or Internet Explorer). Use the browser to print the document.

Note that the Save as HTML button does not save a copy of the document that you can later load back into the PIT. Use the File menu on the menubar for that.

The Save as PDF button will save a PDF summary of the proposal with allowable attachments (GIF, JPEG, PDF, and text, but not postscript) embedded in the document. The PDF format can be selected from the list of available style files e.g. Gemini Default, NOAO, Chilean NGO, and UK NGO.