PIT Publications Page Help

The 'Publications' page allows the Principal Investigator to specify a list of publications written by the PI and co-investigators that support the current application for observing time. The publications can be either related to current project (previous work) or produced from data acquired on the same or other telescope over the last few semesters. 

Number of Publications and Previous Time Allocations

The number of publications and previous time allocation entries included are partner country dependent. Details of these limits can be found in Gemini Observatory Partner Country Proposal Submission Information (on the external web site).

Publications Page Layout

Within the PUBLICATIONS section there is a list of the previous publications and, underneath, the area where publication information can be entered ("New Publication" and "Delete Publication" buttons, "Publication Information" field). 

Defining a Publication

Publications can be defined individually or read from an ASCII file.

To define a PUBLICATION, click on the "New Publication" button. This highlights a one-line area in the white box above the button and enables input from the white box to the right. Click in the white box to the right and enter your publication. As you type the publication is listed in the one-line highlighted area. The publication can be entered in any format; the preferred layout is:

Author1, Author2, Author3, et al. (YYYY), "Title of Publication", status (in press, Journal/Volume/Page etc).

To read one or more publications from a file, use the file open button. Each publication in the file should appear on a separate line. (Publications can also be saved to a file; this can be a useful way of checking the file format).

Deleting a Publication

To delete a publication from the list in the left side area highlight it by clicking once on it and click on "Delete Publication".