The Submit Page

On this page, you must indicate which partner country or countries  you will be submitting to i.e. the time allocation committee(s) that will review your proposal. (In some cases this is not necessarily the one where you or your institute reside).

If you are submitting the proposal to multiple partner countries for joint support (a.k.a joint proposals), indicate the relevant partners by checking the relevant boxes. You must specify the time (and, optionally, the minimum time) requested from each partner and identify a "National Lead Scientist". The national lead scientist defaults to the Principal Investigator as listed on the Investigators page but you can select any of the PI or co-Is. Each partner may have a different national lead scientist if desired. 

Before submitting the proposal, you can click the Check Proposal button to check the proposal for common problems. Warnings or errors are given in the Messages window. Address any warnings or fatal errors and repeat the check. The message "The proposal checks out. It's ready to submit" will indicate that it is ready.

When the proposal is ready, clicking on the Submit Proposal button at the bottom of the page will submit your proposal electronically to all of the partners selected. All of the National Gemini Offices have established servers to receive and process your application directly from the PIT.

All joint proposals must be submitted using the electronic-submission mechanism in PIT, including proposals that involve partners offering other submission mechanisms for non-joint proposals. No other proposal form or process can be used for joint proposals. The Gemini partners have agreed to accept a common format and length for joint proposals. See the joint proposals web page for current details.

Following submission, a pop-up window will report the status of your electronic submission. Please note the national proposal reference number(s) assigned or any error messages that are reported. A check mark next to each partner also indicates success or failure in submission.

In the case of joint proposals, if one or more of the components fail to be submitted, for example due to unavailability of the network or backend server at the national office, they can be re-sent at a later time. (The successfully-submitted components are not re-sent, although you can reset the flags and re-submit if necessary). If you experience a problem with submission, please contact your National Gemini Office support staff in the first instance.

The reset status button allows you to clear the submission details of a proposal. It is used, for example, if you wish to modify a previous proposal and re-submit it. Note that the proposal will be submitted to all of the partners selected.

The last entry in the list of partners is used for special proposals such as Poor Weather, Director's (Discretionary) TimeDemonstration Science (including Campaign) or System Verification proposals. Poor Weather and Director's Time proposals can be submitted at any time and they are handled by the Observatory as they are received. Demonstration Science and System Verification proposals are submitted directly to Gemini Observatory in response to special announcements. Selecting this option disables submission to the regular partner NTACs. Then select the type of proposal being submitted using the menu and enter the amount of time requested.