Help with Resources

The resources (e.g. instrument configurations) are defined and used similarly to the observing condition constraints.

The default resources apply to all observations in your program unless explicitly overridden. Selecting the Default Resources item in the program (left hand) information panel displays the table of resources (see an example from the GeminiDemo.xml proposal included with PIT). Selecting the default resource itself (in the program information panel) displays and allows modification of the specific instrument configuration (see example from GeminiDemo.xml).

If this is a new proposal the resource table will be empty. Any number of new resource sets can be added: select Default Resources in the program information panel, choose the Resource Table tab, select the Facility (Gemini North, Gemini South, Keck or Subaru), and then use the create button to add the instrument of your choice.  Only one resource set in the table can be selected (to become the default). Selecting the default resource itself (i.e. the name of the instrument in the program information panel) allows you to define details of the instrument configuration and to give it a 'Nickname' for convenient future reference. The nickname is shown along with the instrument name in the program information. You can add multiple resource sets for the same instrument.

A given proposal can only contain resources from one telescope facility.  In order to change the facility in a proposal you must first delete any previously defined resources (having all current resources unselected is not enough).

The instrument configuration is shown in a tree structure that may be expanded or contracted. Only the specific, lowest-most ("leaf") elements in the tree (e.g. f/6 not simply NIRI or Camera) may be selected/deselected. To select an item, simply click on the yellow button or resource element name. The item, together with its parents in the tree, will be checked. Make sure that you select any cameras, dispersers (grisms, gratings etc), focal plane masks and filters that you wish to use. To deselect an item, click on it again.

To review the default resources selected, click on Default Resources in the program information panel and choose the Resource Summary tab. This page is not editable.

For any (or none or, indeed, all) observations you can override the default resources. With the observation selected (in the program information panel), click on the Override Default Resources button to add a resources folder to that observation. Selecting the Resources folder in the program information panel) opens the Resource Table. Selecting an item in the Resource Table adds it to that observation. Choosing the Resource Summary tab allows you to review the selected resources (NB: the summary is not editable).

Removing a resource set from the current observation does not delete it. It is still available in the resource table for use by other observations. A resource set may be removed permanently from the table via the delete button. 

The list of available resources will, of course, change from semester to semester. Make sure that you have the latest version of the PIT for the upcoming semester when preparing your proposals. Contact your National Gemini Office or support group if in doubt.