Users’ Committee for Gemini Meeting: August, 18 & 19, 2014

Sunday, August 17th
Hotel Costa Real/Cero Pachon Day Visit

Time Activity          
10:00 Meet in hotel lobby. Depart to Pachon (Safety Forms handover).
AURA vehicle reserved - Driver: Percy Gomez
11:45 Arrive Cerro Pachon          
12:00 Tour the Telescope – Host: Rene Rutten          

Lunch at Pachon Casino. Meal Card AURA #176 for multiple rations.

14:30 Return to La Serena with drop off at the hotel          

Monday, August 18th
Gemini South SBF Offices

Time Activity          
08:30 Meet in hotel lobby and depart for Gemini offices          
09:00 Introductions and official handover [Mike Gladders & Craig Heinke]          
09:30 Observatory updates [Nancy Levenson]          

Coffee Break

10:45 UCG member reports [UCG members]          
11:15 Science and Future of Gemini 2015 Meeting [Nancy Levenson]
Survey discussion

Director’s Welcome and discussion [Markus Kissler-Patig]​


Lunch with Gemini staff

14:00 Gemini North Shutter issues Q&A [Michiel van der Hoeven]          
14:30 Communications [Nancy Levenson and Peter Michaud]          

Q&A about observing overheads and other operations issues [Andy Adamson]

16:00 Work on UCG actions – Survey plans, communication response          
17:30 Adjourn for the day          
19:30 Dinner – Meet in the hotel lobby for transportation to the restaurant          
Tuesday, August 19th
Gemini South SBF Offices
Time Activity          
08:30 Meet in hotel lobby and depart for Gemini offices          
08:45 Closed session – UCG only
Discussion, user feedback
10:30 Coffee Break          

Closed session – UCG only

12:30 Lunch with Gemini staff          

UCG business [Craig Heinke]
Next meeting, committee activities, upcoming issues (e.g., change of Phase II support)

14:00 Present draft recommendations to Directorate [Craig Heinke]          
14:45 Adjourn          
  Overhead Breakdown [Andy Adamson]          
UCG Members

Michael Gladders
M. Victoria Alonso
Pauline Barmby
Sarah Brough
Eduardo Cypriano
Craig Heinke
Armin Rest
Franz Bauer
Stuart Ryder
Bo Reipurth
Mark Ammons
Mansi Kasliwal


Gemini Observatory Partners

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