The Gemini Science Committee

At its May 2007 Meeting, The Gemini Board approved the Revised Terms of References of the Gemini Science Committee. These terms can be found in the following document:

Current Membership

Resolutions & Reports to the Board & Gemini Director

Chair of the Gemini Science Committee: Charge and Terms of Reference

The Chair of the Gemini Science Committee is appointed from the membership of the GSC for a two-year term by the Director of the Gemini Observatory. The Chair leads the GSC in providing the Gemini Director with strategic and near-term advice on the scientific issues and scientific challenges confronting the Observatory. This includes providing community input and advice on the content of the on-going instrumentation program and scientific performance requirements for Gemini instrumentation and facilities. The GSC also recommends or endorses changes to the Science Requirement Document and the Science Operations Plan.

The GSC will also assess the Observatory's responsiveness to the national scientific communities and evaluate the Observatory performance from a scientific point of view.

The GSC can as appropriate set up "Science Working Groups" to address specific questions and tasks.

The Chair of the GSC shall attempt to develop a consensus on major issues from the international membership of the GSC. In the event that a consensus cannot be achieved, the Chair will communicate the partner perspectives to the Director.

The Chair, in consultation with the Gemini Director and National Gemini Offices, shall determine the timing and frequency of GSC meetings. Normally at least one GSC meeting should be held at least one month prior to the November Gemini Board meeting.

The GSC Chair shall submit a formal written annual report, through the Gemini Director, to the Gemini Board, and should expect to attend at least one Gemini Board meeting a year.

As the Chair of the GSC is chosen from the current GSC membership, during the two-year term as Chair, the Chair's National Gemini Office will have the opportunity to nominate a replacement. Since the Chair of the GSC exercises an international role the Gemini Observatory will pay all the Chair's travel costs consistent with AURA policy.