Chandra view of the central 300 pc of our Galaxy

Q. D. Wang1, C. C. Lang1, F.J. Lu1, E. Gotthelf2, R. Wijnands3

1 University of Massachusets
2 Columbia University

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Partly published in Nature, 415, 148; ApJL, 568, 93; ApJ, in press (astro-ph/0202151)

We have conducted a Chandra survey of a 0.8x2 square degree swath along the Galactic ridge around the Galactic center. This survey has resulted in the first high-resolution X-ray panorama of the interplay between stars, gas, dust, gravity, and magnetic fields in the unique environment of the center region. We will review the results from the survey and will discuss how high-energy activities in the center region affect the immediate vicinity and may influence other aspects of the Galaxy.