43 GHz masers and astrometry with VERA in the Galactic Center

L.O. Sjouwerman1, M. Messineo2

1 National Radio Astronomy Observatory, Socorro, USA
2 Sterrewacht, Leiden, The Netherlands

E-mail contact: lsjouwer@nrao.edu

We present VLA observations of 43 GHz SiO maser emission in late-type stars in the inner 2 (140 pc) of the Galaxy. It will be demonstrated here that these stars are essential for determining astrometric positions and stellar proper motions with the new Japanese VERA array within the central 10-100 pc of the Galactic Center. These observations allow determination of Galactic structure, geometric distances to individual objects as well as the Galactic Center, and types of orbits of individual stars in the central part of the Galaxy.

Tom Geballe