The conference proceedings will be published by Wiley as a special supplement of the "Astronomische Nachrichten Astronomical Notes" (AN) - the "oldest astronomical journal worldwide still being published" (but with some rather modern features). They will take the form of a standard book with hardcover and ISBN and will be sold and advertised through the usual channels by Wiley. In addition the book will be published electronically (PDF). For the first 6 months access will be free for everyone; afterwards access will be restricted to subscribers to AN.

The reference will be: to be published in Astron. Nachr., Vol. 324, No. S1 (2003), Special Supplement "The central 300 parsecs of the Milky Way", Eds. A. Cotera, S. Markoff, T. R. Geballe, H. Falcke.

The articles will be listed in ADS and references will be cross-linked. Color figures will be printed in black and white, but will appear in color in the electronic version. A nice bonus is that you will have the possibility to add "unlimited" amounts of electronic-only material, such as additional color figures, large tables, or movies.

A very important aspect is that we have established a rapid-release procedure, as known from ApJ or A&A Letters for example. This means that once you have submitted a paper and the editors have no further complaints, the paper will be sent to the publisher, typeset, and electronically released even before the deadline! Hence, those of you who are quick to submit will be rewarded with quick publication! We think this is a fair solution which ensures that the quick ones do not suffer from the usual few later ones


Here you can obtain a TAR FILE containing assorted latex files and style files for Astronomische Nachrichten.

Here you can obtain a description of the template and style files and some simple guidelines.


Because of the large number of talks and posters and the finite size of the book, we have to be quite restrictive on the allocations of pages to each participant. Every participant who presented a talk is allocated up to 7 pages and every person who presented a poster is allocated up to 5 pages. If you presented both a talk and a poster you may contribute two papers and are allotted up to 12 pages; if you presented no talks and two posters you may contribute two papers and are allotted up to 10 pages; etc. If you had more than one contribution you can divide your total pages any way you wish. For example, if you gave a talk and a poster, you may allocate 8 pages to your talk and 4 to your poster.

If every contribution is published in the proceedings, the above allocations will lead to a 600 page book, which will precisely exhaust our funds. If you are not going to publish your contribution(s) in the proceedings, or if you can guarantee that the length of your contribution(s) will be significantly less than your allocation, please contact Angela Cotera and Sera Markoff in advance (, Your doing so will free up extra pages for others. If you need more pages than your allocation, please contact the Angela and Sera, who will decide how any extra pages are to be distributed.


Please note that your paper should be a modified version of the file an-tpl.tex (NOT adp-tma.tex). Also note that for references we will use author/year system (e.g., Falcke et al. 1999) employed in almost all of the journals.

Please name your .tex file and each figure file using a combination of your first name, initial and filename, e.g.: FalckeH.tex,, ...

Please check that your paper compiles and prints properly before sending it to us If we cannot compile it we will not fix it; we will send it back to you.

Please ftp all files (latex text file, and ps or eps figures), preferably in a single gzipped tar file, as follows.
log in as _____ (username and p/w will be supplied by email to you later)
cd cotera
mkdir yourname (i.e., mkdir FalckeH)
cd yourname (i.e., cd FalckeH)
put yourfilename(s)


The deadline for paper submission (both oral and poster is March 3, 2003. Papers received thereafter can in principle still be published electronically, but will not be included in the printed version.

Best wishes,
Heino Falcke, Angela Cotera, Tom Geballe, Sera Markoff