List of Participants at the Galactic Center Workshop 2002 (total=109)

Adamson, Andy Joint Astronomy Centre A Census of Dust Components in the Galactic Centre poster
Aitken, David University of Hertfordshire - -
Alexander, Tal Weizmann Institute of Science Tidal processes very near the black hole in the Galactic Center talk
Aspin, Colin Gemini Observatory - -
Baganoff, Frederick MIT Center for Space Research X-ray Flares and Quiescent Emission of Sgr A* from Chandra Observations
A Week-long Multiwavelength Campaign to Monitor the Flaring Activity of SgrA*
Baliyan, Kiran Physical Research Laboratory, Ahmedabab Study of the Nuclear Bulge region of the Galaxy
A morphological study of the Galactic Inner Bulge
Baring, Matthew Rice University Expectations for Polarized Hard X-rays from 1E1740.7-2942 talk
Beck, Tracy Gemini Observatory - -
Beckert, Thomas Max-Planck-Institute for Radioastronomy Circular Polarization and the Radiation Efficiency of Sgr A* talk
Becklin, Eric UCLA Physics and Astronomy - -
Bednarek, Wlodzimierz University of Lodz Neutral radiation from the pulsar in the Galactic Center region
Propagation of charged particles from the source in the Galactic Center
van der Bliek, Nicole NOAO / CTIO Dust features of AGB stars in the Inner Galaxy poster
Blum, Robert NOAO / CTIO Really Cool Stars and the Star Formation History at the Galactic Center talk
Bower, Geoffrey UC Berkeley Linear and Circular Polarization from Sagittarius A*
Closure Amplitude Analysis of 7mm VLBA Observations of Sagittarius A*
Brogan, Crystal NRAO Socorro Spatially Resolved 74 MHz Absorption Toward the Galactic Center talk
Chandran, Benjamin University of Iowa The origin and stability of strong vertical magnetic fields in the central 150 pc of the Galaxy talk
Chiar, Jean NASA Ames Research Center Spectroscopy of Hydrocarbon Grains toward the Galactic Center and Quintuplet Cluster talk
Chuss, David NASA Goddard & Northwestern Measuring the Magnetic Field in the Cold Dust at the Galactic Center talk
Cle'net, Yann Observatoire de Paris-Meudon First adaptive optics observations of the Galactic Center with NAOS/CONICA poster
Coker, Robert Los Alamos National Laboratory Simple Hydrodynamical Simulations of the Circumnuclear Disk talk
Cotera, Angela Arizona State Univ. - -
Deguchi, Shuji Nobeyama Radio Observatory SiO Maser Sources Within 30 pc of the Galactic Center talk
Duschl, Wolfgang Univ. Heidelberg The formation and feeding of supermassive black holes in galactic centers poster
Eckart, Andreas University of Cologne Orbital accelerations and recent VLT MIR observations of the central cluster
The LBT interferometric camera LINC
Falcke, Heino Max-Planck-Institut f|r Radioastronomie A Unique Laboratory for Astrophysics talk
Figer, Donald STScI/JHU Massive Stars and The Creation of our Galactic Center talk
Geballe, Thomas R. Gemini Observatory - -
Gezari, Daniel NASA/Goddard Physical Conditions in the Central parsec Derived from Mid-Infrared Imaging Photometry poster
Ghez, Andrea UCLA The W. M. Keck Dynamical Study of the Galaxy's Central Stellar Cluster talk
Glasse, Alistair Joint Astronomy Centre The magnetic field in the central parsec poster
Goldwurm, Andrea DAPNIA/DSM/CEA-Saclay A New X-Ray Flare from the Galactic Nucleus Detected with the XMM-Newton Photon Imaging Cameras talk
Goss, Miller National Radio Astronomy Observatory The Discovery of Sgr A* talk
Hamilton, John GeminiObservatory - -
Handa, Toshihiro University of Tokyo Thermal SiO observation of a shell attached to the nonthermal filaments in SgrA poster
Herrnstein, Robin Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Hot Molecular Gas in the Central 10 Parsecs of the Galaxy talk
Hornstein, Seth UCLA Limits on the Short Term Variability of Sgr A* in the Near-IR talk
Howard, Christian UCLA - -
Hyman, Scott Sweet Briar College A Search for Radio Transients at 327 MHz in the Galactic Center poster
Karlsson, Roland Stockholm Observatory Absorption and Emission in the Four Ground-state OH Lines Observed with the VLA Towards the G.C. poster
Kassim, Namir Naval Research Laboratory Low Frequency Radio View of the Central 300 pc poster
Kim, Sungsoo Space Telescope Science Institute Dynamical Friction on Star Clusters near the Galactic Center poster
Koyama, Katsuji Kyoto University X-rays from HII regions and Molecular Clouds talk
Lang, Cornelia University of Iowa High-resolution HI Absorption Survey of the Central 300 pc
Radio Detections of Stellar Winds in the Galactic Center Clusters
LaRosa, Ted Kennesaw State Univ. Recent Observations and Theories of the Galactic Center Nonthermal Filaments talk
Law, Casey Northwestern University X-Ray Emission from Stellar Clusters Near the Galactic Center talk
Lazendic, Jasmina Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Molecular Line Observations of the Tornado Nebula and its Eye poster
Lazio, Jospeh Naval Research Laboratory Radio Pulsars in the Galactic Center poster
Lee, Sungho Seoul National University Interaction between the Northeastern Boundary of Sgr A East and Giant Molecular Clouds talk
Liu, Siming University of Arizona The Relativistic Disk in Sgr A* talk
Lo, Fred National Radio Astronomy Observatory - -
Lutovinov, Alexander Space Research Institute (IKI) Review of Low-Mass X-ray Binaries near the Galactic Center poster
Maeda, Yoshi ISAS Chandra View on Sgr A East talk
Maillard, Jean-Pierre Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris The Galactic Center source IRS13E: a star cluster talk
Markoff, Sera MIT Jet Models for Flaring in Sgr A* talk
Martin, Christopher Harvard-Smithsonian CfA The Inner 200pc: Hot Dense Molecular Gas in the Galactic Center talk
Melia, Fulvio University of Arizona - -
Messineo, Maria Leiden Observatory 86 GHz SiO maser survey of late-type stars in the Inner Galaxy poster
Miyazaki, Atsushi Nobeyama Radio Observatory Flares of Sgr A* at Short Millimeter Wavelengths talk
Miyoshi, Makato National Astronomical Observatory Japan VLBI observation of SgrA* at burst time poster
Moran, James Harvard-Smithsonian CfA - -
Morris, Mark UCLA Deep X-Ray Imaging of the Central 20 Parsecs of the Galaxy with Chandra talk
Mouawad, Nelly University of Cologne Structure of the central stellar cluster poster
Muno, Michael MIT Two Thousand X-Ray Stars in the Central 20 pc of the Galaxy talk
Murakami, Hiroshi ISAS Reflected X-ray Emissions on Giant Molecular Clouds --- Evidence of the Past Activities of Sgr A* talk
Narayan, Ramesh Harvard-Smithsonian CfA - -
Nayakshin, Sergei MPIA-Garching Condensing Flow model for the Galactic Center talk
Nishimura, Kumi - - -
Nord, Michael Naval Research Laboratory High Resolution Imaging of the Galactic Center at Low Frequencies talk
Novak, Giles Northwestern University Observation of toroidal magnetic fields on ~ 100 pc scales in the Galactic center talk
Oka, Kazutaka Kobe University Gamma-ray Emission from an Accretion Flow around a Kerr Black Hole poster
Oka, Tomoharu University of Tokyo Gravitational Stability of Molecular Clouds in the Galactic Center talk
Okuda, Haruyuki ISAS - -
Oliveira, Firmin Joint Astronomy Centre - (guitar music at reception) -
Ott, Thomas Max-Planck-Institute for extraterrestrial Physics Stellar Dynamics in the Central Parsec: 1000 Proper Motions in 100 Nights talk
Oyama, Tomoaki University of Tokyo - -
Park, Sangwook Penn State University A Chandra View of Diffuse X-ray Emission in the Vicinity of Sagittarius A* poster
Paumard, Thibaut Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris Structural analysis of the Minispiral from high-resolution Brackett gamma data
New results on the helium stars in the Galactic Center, updated
Pessah, Martin University of Arizona On the Chandra Detection of Diffuse X-Ray Emission from Sgr A* talk
Pierce-Price, Douglas Joint Astronomy Centre Investigating the submillimetre variability of Sagittarius A* with SCUBA poster
Predehl, Peter Max-Planck-Institut fur extraterrestrische Physik Hot and Cold Matter in Sgr A - The XMM-Newton View talk
Prigara, Fedor Institute of Microelectronics and Informatics The Wavelength Dependence of Sgr A* Size and the Unified Model of Compact Radio Sources poster
Quataert, Eliot UC Berkeley Accretion Models for Sgr A* talk
Reid, Mark Harvard-Smithsonian CfA The position and proper motion of Sgr A* talk
Rigaut, Francois Gemini Observatory The Gemini Galactic Center imaging data set
A bow shock of heated dust at IRS 8<
Roberts, Doug Adler Planetarium & Astronomy Museum Ionized Gas Motion in Sgr A West in 3D talk
Rodriguez-Fernandez, Nemesio Observatoire de Paris Ionized gas in the Nuclear Bulge
On the heating of the Galactic center molecular clouds
Roy, Jean-Rene Gemini Observatory - -
Roy, Subhashis National Centre for Radio Astrophysics Observations of the Galactic Centre at 610 MHz with the GMRT
Magnetic field in the GC: Rotation Measure observations of extragalactic sources
Constraints on distances to Galactic Centre non-thermal filaments from HI absorption
Sakano, Masaaki University of Leicester Sgr A East and around --- a view with XMM-Newton
Discovery of a non-thermal X-ray filament in the Galactic Centre
Sandqvist, Aage Stockholm Observatory Water and Other Molecules Observed in the Galactic Centre with the ODIN Satellite poster
Sawada, Tsuyoshi Nobeyama Radio Observatory A Molecular Face-on View of the Galactic Center Region talk
Schoedel, Rainer Max-Planck-Institut fuer extraterrestrische Physik The GC stellar cluster: The central arcsecond talk
Scoville, Nick Caltech HST Pa alpha Imaging of Sgr A talk
Sellgren, Kris Ohio State University C, N, and O Abundances in VR 5-7 Compared to IRS 7 poster
Senda, Atsushi Kyoto University Discovery of new SNR candidates in the Galactic Center region with ASCA and Chandra poster
Shen, Z.-Q. ISAS Searching for Structural Variability in Sgr A* talk
Sjouwerman, Lorant NRAO Socorro High-negative velocities in the inner 25 pc
43 GHz masers and astrometry with VERA in the Galactic Center
Stolovy, Susan SIRTF Science Center/CalTech Near-infrared flux limits for Sgr A* based on NICMOS data poster
Sunyaev, Rashid Max-Planck fuer Astrophysik, Garching and IKI, Moscow - -
Tanner, Angelle UCLA Resolving the Enigmatic Northern Arm Sources in the Central Parsec talk
Tsuboi, Masato Ibaraki University Search for Circular Polarization toward Sagittarius A*at 100 GHz poster
Velazquez, Pablo ICN, UNAM Simulated X-ray emission of the Arches cluster talk
Viollier, Raoul Univ. Cape Town Comparison of the Black Hole and Fermion Ball Scenarios of the galactic Center
Unified Description of Dark Matter at the Center and in the Halo of the Galaxy
Vollmer, Berndt Max-Planck-Institut fuer Radioastronomie The gas physics and dynamics in the central 30 pc of the Galactic Center
The Line-of-Sight distribution in the inner 30 pc of the Galaxy
Wang, Q. Daniel University of Massachusetts Chandra view of the central 300 pc of our Galaxy talk
Warwick, Robert University of Leicester An XMM-Newton Survey of the Galactic Centre Region talk
Yamashita, Takuya Subaru Telescope Mid-infrared imaging and spectroscopy observation of the Galactic Center with Subaru/COMICS poster
Yuan, Feng Harvard-Smithsonian CfA A Jet-ADAF model for Sgr A*
NGC 4258: a jet-dominated low-luminosity AGN?
Zhao, Jun-Hui Harvard-Smithsonian CfA Variability of Sgr A* talk

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