Structure of the central stellar cluster

N.Mouawad 1, A.Eckart 1
1 I. Physikalisches Institut
Universitaet zu Koeln
Zuelpicher Str. 77, 50937 Koeln
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Information on the enclosed mass and stellar number density distribution allows to derive realistic potentials to study stellar orbits. We present the results of calculations using a 4th-order Hermite integrator. They provide valuable additional information on the three dimensional distribution and dynamics of different stellar populations (He-, CO-, and high velocity stars) in the central cluster. Especially for the He-stars the results are discussed in the context of published kinematical models of the mini-spiral. Constrains on the three distribution of the He-stars have consequences on the heating of the dust in the mini-spiral and on the accreting process for the central X-ray variable source SgrA*. This analysis also allows us to derive estimates for the expected Newtonian periastron rotation of stellar orbits.