A.Lutovinov1, S.Grebenev1

1 Space Research Institute, 117997 Moscow, Profsoyuznaya str. 84/32, Russia

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Results of observations of LMXB in the Galactic Center region carried out with the RXTE observatory and the ART-P telescope on board GRANAT are presented. Eight X-ray bursters (A1742-294, SLX1744-299/300, GX3+1, SLX1732-304, 4U1724-307, KS1731-260), very bright Z-source GX5-1 and X-ray pulsar GX1+4 were revealed in this region during five series of observations which were performed with the ART-P telescope in 1990-1992 and more than 100 type I X-ray bursts were observed. For each of the bursters we investigated the recurrence times between bursts, their time profiles, the spectral evolution of sources emission in the persistent state and during bursts. For the A1742-294 we show that the burst profile itself depends on the flux during the burst. Two bursters located in the globular clusters Terzan 1 and 2, were investigated in comparison with the RXTE data. We discuss QPO's and spectral variations detected from GX5-1. The investigation of the pulse profile dependence on the intensity and spectral parameters of the pulsar GX1+4 were carried out also.