Radio Detections of Stellar Winds in the Galactic Center Clusters

Cornelia C. Lang, W.M. Goss, L.F. Rodriguez, Kelsey Johnson

1 University of Iowa, Iowa City, IA; 52242
2 National Radio Astronomy Observatory; Box 0, Socorro, NM; 87801
3 Instituto de Astronomia; UNAM, Morelia; Mexico
4 University of Wisconsin, Madison, WI; 53706

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High-resolution, multifrequency radio observations made with the VLA have revealed stellar winds in two of the three known massive stellar clusters in the Galactic Center. At a distance of only 8.0 kpc, it is possible to detect radio sources associted with individual massive stars known to be losing mass at high rates. I will present the spatial and spectral properties of the radio sources detected and their near-infrared stellar counterparts. In addition, we have now obtained multiple-epoch observations and can search for variability. I will include prospects for detecting stellar wind sources in the third massive cluster which lies near SgrA*. Such massive clusters and their stellar winds, in particular, have a profound impact on the interstellar medium at the GC as evidenced by radio and X-ray observations of the surrounding regions.