A Low Frequency Radio View of the Inner 300 pc

Namir E. Kassim1

1 Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC 20375-5320

E-mail contact: Namir.Kassim@nrl.navy.mil

Radio photons are both cheap and virtuous. Exceedingly easy to make, they can trace both low energy, low efficiency processes, as well as high energy astrophysics phenomena. Once produced, they often suffer relatively little interaction with interstellar matter and can propagate over Galactic distances. Both of these properties are useful for probing the Galactic center, and radio observations have been key in demonstrating the uniqueness of the Galactic center within the Milky Way. Low radio frequency observations can be particularly useful in this regard as they can trace the interaction between thermal and non-thermal gasses. Here I review recent progress in radio observations of the GC, with an emphasis on low radio frequency observations. Topics to be covered include