A Search for Radio Transients at 327 MHz in the Galactic Center

Scott D. Hyman1, T. Joseph W. Lazio2, Namir E. Kassim2, Michael E. Nord2,3, & Jennifer L. Neureuther1

1 Sweet Briar College, Sweet Briar, VA
2 Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC
3 University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, NM

E-mail contact: shyman@sbc.edu

See: AJ, 123, 1497 (2002)

We report on a search for radio transients in the Galactic center using a number of 327 MHz VLA observations made during the 1990's, and from a series of monthly VLA observations made during Spring and Summer 2002. A typical yield of compact sources in a given epoch is roughly 200. We have detected at least one new radio transient, GCRT J1746-2757, located only 1.1 degrees north of the Galactic center. Consistent with other radio transients toward the Galactic center, this source brightened and faded on a timescale of a few months. No X-ray counterpart was detected. This suggests that either there was only very faint X-ray emission, compared with highly Doppler boosted radio emission, or that GCRT J1746-2757 is a member of a class of radio transients with no associated X-ray emission. We discuss the implications of this work for constraining the Galactic center population of transients.