Orbital accelerations and recent VLT MIR observations of the central cluster.

A. Eckart, N. Mouawad, J. Moultaka, C.Straubmeier, T. Bertram

I. Physikalisches Institut, Universtity of Cologne, Germany


E-mail contact: eckart@ph1.uni-koeln.de

partly published in MNRAS 331, 917 (2002), A&A 374, 95 (2001)

We will outline the most recent results from the MIR observing run using ISAAC at the VLT UT1 ANTU. Properties of the central cluster from L- and M-band imaging and spectroscopy as well as the SgrA* monitoring program simultaneous to the CHANDRA observations are presented. In addition we will highlight how measurements of the stellar orbital accelerations derived from the available high resolution data allow us to extract information on the enclosed mass and the central number density distribution of the stars in the vicinity of SgrA*. We also discuss how future observations with infrared interferometers (LBT, VLTI, Keck) will help to improve our understanding of the central cluster.