GSC Meeting Agenda

October 13-14, 2003

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I) Welcome and briefing (100 KB - PDF)
A) Approval of Agenda
B) Matters arising from Sydney 19th GSC meeting
C) Gemini Board Resolutions
1) November 2002
2) May 2003
D) Ops Working Group Meeting
1) February 2003
2) August 2003
II) Aspen and Future Gemini Instrumentation Program
A) Overview of process
B) Outcomes from the science theme groups (3.3 MB - PDF)
1) Stars, solar system and exoplanets
2) ISM and star formation processes
3) Milky Way and nearby galaxies
4) Galaxy formation/evoln & high-z universe
C) Details of new instrumentation / management documents (569 KB - PDF)
1) Capabilities
2) RMO cost estimates
D) Upgrades / new modes for existing / planned instumentation
E) Time swaps (Magellan/IMACS; include brief update on ones already planned for VLT (UVES) & Keck (HIRES)
F) Outline of realistic instrumentation options in context of available funding sources
III) Instrumentation Outcomes
A) General discussion on Aspen process and future Gemini instrumentation
IV) Scientific highlights from the Gemini telescopes
A) May 2003 Report
B) November 2003 Report
V) Scientific issues from the partner communities
VI) Gemini Science Archive
VII) 2004 "Gemini Science" Conference
VIII) Update on current instrumentation program
IX) Detailed report on the AO program

Altair Report (1.9 MB - PDF)

B) AO Program Overview (2.4 MB - PDF)
X) Priorities for commisioning of instruments/modes (95 KB - PDF)

Revisit roadmap from Sydney meeting

B) Michelle and return from UKIRT in 2004
C) bHROS/throughput measurements
D) Hokupa'a-85
E) Polarization
F) ALTAIR modes (with NIRI, GMOS, NIFS)
1) LGS optical system deployment on GN telescope
XI) Aspen revisited: development of recommendations
A) Science drivers
B) Suite of nine new instruments
C) Upgrades & new modes for existing/planned instruments
D) Timeswaps
E) Options relative to funding opportunities
XII) Operational issues and update of OWG Meeting material
A) SRB1 Rollover
B) 2004A capabilities at GN & GS
C) Engineering overview of operations
1) Operational efficiency and "settling time"
2) Image quality assessment
3) Silver coating on M1 and M2
D) Number of instruments that can be supported per semester
E) Update on high level software (2.5 MB - PDF)
F) Gemini IRAF Project

Review of 50:50 queue/classical model (as per Board resolution 2003.A.7)

XIII) Next Meeting: Date and location